Low Grade Fuel

Low Grade Fuel

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  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Recycled from
  4. Ammo for
  5. Smelting
  6. Fuel for
  7. Recycle for
  8. Ingredient for
Container Condition Amount Chance
Oil Barrel - 5–10 100 %
Mine Crate - 10 60 %
Minecart - 10 60 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time
Low Grade Fuel×4 Low Grade Fuel Animal Fat×3Cloth 5 sec.
Item Category Amount Fail Chance
Incendiary Pistol Bullet Incendiary Pistol Bullet Ammunition 1 50 %
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Ammunition 1 50 %
Incendiary Rocket Incendiary Rocket Ammunition 125 -
Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! Ammunition 13 -
Ceiling Light Ceiling Light Items 15 -
Explosives Explosives Resources 2 -
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower Weapon 50 -
Furnace Furnace Items 25 -
Large Furnace Large Furnace Items 38 -
Candle Hat Candle Hat Attire 3 -
Miners Hat Miners Hat Attire 5 -
Lantern Lantern Items 8 -
Large Medkit Large Medkit Medical 25 -
Small Oil Refinery Small Oil Refinery Items 125 -
Survey Charge Survey Charge Tool 10 -
Medical Syringe Medical Syringe Medical 5 -
Torch Torch Tool 1 50 %
Tuna Can Lamp Tuna Can Lamp Items 5 -
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower
Flame Turret Flame Turret
Furnace Process
Small Oil Refinery Small Oil Refinery Crude OilWoodfuel×6.7Low Grade Fuel×3
Source Consumption per hour
Ceiling Light Ceiling Light 6
Jack O Lantern Angry Jack O Lantern Angry 6
Jack O Lantern Happy Jack O Lantern Happy 6
Lantern Lantern 6
Tuna Can Lamp Tuna Can Lamp 6
Candle Hat Candle Hat 60
Miners Hat Miners Hat 60
Item Chance
Animal Fat Animal Fat 50 %
Cloth Cloth 50 %
Blueprint Ingredients Category for 1 pc.
Incendiary Pistol Bullet Incendiary Pistol Bullet Metal Fragments×10Gun Powder×10Sulfur×5Low Grade Fuel Ammunition 0.33
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Metal Fragments×10Gun Powder×20Sulfur×5Low Grade Fuel Ammunition 0.5
Rocket Rocket Metal Pipe×2Gun Powder×150Explosives×10 Ammunition 30
Incendiary Rocket Incendiary Rocket Metal Pipe×2Gun Powder×250Low Grade Fuel×250Explosives Ammunition 253
High Velocity Rocket High Velocity Rocket Metal Pipe×2Gun Powder×200Explosives×10 Ammunition 30
Ceiling Light Ceiling Light Metal Fragments×50Low Grade Fuel×30 Items 30
Timed Explosive Charge Timed Explosive Charge Explosives×20Cloth×5Tech Trash×2 Tool 60
Explosives Explosives Gun Powder×50Low Grade Fuel×3Sulfur×10Metal Fragments×10 Resources 3
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower High Quality Metal×15Metal Pipe×6Low Grade Fuel×100Empty Propane Tank×2 Weapon 100
Furnace Furnace Stones×200Wood×200Low Grade Fuel×50 Items 50
Large Furnace Large Furnace Stones×500Wood×600Low Grade Fuel×75 Items 75
Candle Hat Candle Hat Cloth×15Low Grade Fuel×5 Attire 5
Miners Hat Miners Hat Cloth×15Low Grade Fuel×10Metal Fragments×50 Attire 10
Lantern Lantern Metal Fragments×40Low Grade Fuel×15 Items 15
Large Medkit Large Medkit Medical Syringe×2Low Grade Fuel×50 Medical 70
Small Oil Refinery Small Oil Refinery Wood×200Metal Fragments×500Low Grade Fuel×250 Items 250
Survey Charge Survey Charge Gun Powder×30Cloth×5Metal Fragments×10Low Grade Fuel×20 Tool 20
Medical Syringe Medical Syringe Cloth×15Metal Fragments×10Low Grade Fuel×10 Medical 10
Torch Torch Wood×30ClothLow Grade Fuel Tool 1
Tuna Can Lamp Tuna Can Lamp Empty Tuna CanWood×20Low Grade Fuel×10 Items 10