A powerful predator, bears are a large and fast enemy capable of injuring and killing weak or strong players within several seconds. Bears are found in most biomes, especially in forested areas. It is recommended that a player avoid bears as much as possible, until they have weapons (preferably firearms), or others to help kill the foe.

HP 400
  1. Skinning
  2. Tips

Nekros 31 pts. 2 years ago

If you have a building plan you can walk up to the bear and place a twig foundation then jump on it, the foundation should be placed to prevent the bear from hitting you while still having enough room to jump on. It can take some practice however it can allow you to get a furnace early on if you have a bow.

Zeepok 41 pts. 2 years ago

To kill a bear with a bow just stand on a large rock and shoot from a distance. It's also possible to shoot standing on the ground and shooting from a greater distance but is a bigger risk. Takes between 15 and 25 arrows and is good target practice ;) but is worth the meat!

Hasery[contributor] 71 pts. 7 months ago

You can kill bear with melee weapon without taking any damage in the water until the bear stopped his movement.

Smash ツ 41 pts. 2 months ago

Bears often fight with other animals, check around for some extra animal loot.

RC2 11 pts. 8 days ago

Nightmare of Ancient people