Diesel Barrel

This collectible can be used in the Large Excavator to power it.

Diesel Barrel
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Item Amount
Diesel Fuel Diesel Fuel 1

turkish[contributor] 108 pts. year ago

This collectible is found at...
  • The dome
  • Oil rigs
  • The junkyard

and can be used in the Large Excavator.

Username 26 pts. year ago

Junkyard • Located near the Chinook Military Crate spawn, a little down the path heading East. Will spawn with a tyre around it
Dome • At the top on a platform on the outside of the Dome
Small/Large Oil rigs

DarkReacher 105 pts. year ago

There are 2 locations on the Dome. One spawns on the catwalk and the other spawns hidden under it. It's not to dangerous if you jump off onto the rail.