Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is a tree that is usually found in dense forest areas, when harvested they give above average wood. The Fir isn't anything special sadly. The only noteworthy thing is that the tree is quite tall, making it not optimal for stealth harvesting and will draw attention of other players nearby.

Douglas Fir
  1. Gathering
  2. Tips
Tool Resources Time Condition Loss
Bone Club Bone Club Wood×586 24–51 sec 31 %
Chainsaw Chainsaw Wood×1,000 4–6 sec 2 %
Hatchet Hatchet Wood×867 15–26 sec 3 %
Rock Rock Wood×500 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Salvaged Axe Salvaged Axe Wood×1,000 17–25 sec 2 %
Salvaged Hammer Salvaged Hammer Wood×758 22–37 sec 4 %
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet Wood×810 20–35 sec 14 %
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