Mission NPC located in the Fishing Village.

HP 100
  1. Missions
  2. Loot
  3. Skinning
  4. Tips
Mission Description Target Reward
Tackle the day Help the fisherman retrieve his lost tackle. Fishing Tackle Handmade Fishing RodGrub×15
Go Fish Fish for 5 Fish AnchovyCatfishHerringMinnowsOrange RoughySalmonSardineSmall SharkSmall TroutYellow Perch KayakPaddle
Oiled up Find fuel for the fisherman - Scrap×100
Item Condition Category Chance
Handmade Fishing Rod Handmade Fishing Rod 100 % Tool 0.02 %

Tyrone 1,335 pts. year ago

You can complete the first mission then fish to get scrap safely fresh wipe.