Hemp Fibers

Hemp plants are found throughout the world of rust. They can be naturally found in all 3 biomes but can also be planted in large or small planters using hemp seeds as well as around the world They are essential to starting out in rust and if you see one it is a very good idea to pick it up as you always need cloth! Hemp plants need to be watered and if they are not watered then will turn brown and cannot be harvested You can also long hold E on them to take a clipping which will give you 2-4 hemp clippings which you can place in planters to create the most efficient and high yielding hemp plant

Hemp Fibers
  1. Harvest
  2. Tips
Item Chance
Cloth×10 Cloth 100 %
Hemp Seed Hemp Seed 100 %
Worm Worm 10 %
Grub Grub 5 %
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