Horses are a rideable, passive animal which spawn in most biomes, commonly around roads and monuments. Faster than running, yet slower than a minicopter, horses are useful for traversing long distances in a relatively short period of time. Horses can be ridden indefinitely by using the typical WASD movement keys. They may also be urged to a "sprint" at the cost of stamina. Stamina will recharge over time while the horse is at rest or at its slower pace, however the maximum amount of stamina available will decrease over time and usage. Horses have a high amount of health, making it difficult to kill them quickly with primitive weapons. This makes them especially invaluable early-game. Horses have proven somewhat effective as a shield when baiting autoturrets or avoiding roofcampers as well, as they do not move without player input, even when taking damage. A horse's health can be replenished with food, either by hand or by placing it near a stocked trough so that it can replenish as necessary. Horses can serve as a source of food and leather when killed, but these respective amounts are small, making it low-priority for resource gathering.

Stamina 30 / 60
Despawn 3 hours
HP 400
  1. Equipment
  2. Breeds
  3. Feeding
  4. Dung
  5. Skinning
  6. Tips
Item Speed km/h Extra Slots Protection
Roadsign Horse Armor Roadsign Horse Armor -21.6 - Yes
Wooden Horse Armor Wooden Horse Armor -10.8 6 Yes
Saddle bag Saddle bag -3.6 6 -
High Quality Horse Shoes High Quality Horse Shoes +9.0 - -
Basic Horse Shoes Basic Horse Shoes +5.4 - -
Breed Speed km/h Stamina HP
Appalosa 43.2 60 400
Bay 43.2 60 440
Bucksin 43.2 60 400
Chestnut 47.5 60 400
Dapple Grey 38.9 60 400
Piebald 47.5 60 400
Pinto 43.2 60 400
Red Roan 38.9 60 400
White Thoroughbred 54.0 60 400
Black Thoroughbred 54.0 60 400
Item Amount per Hour
Horse Dung Horse Dung 50

Gremmies 16 pts. 9 months ago

Horses are set to decay faster indoors (under a roof). Ideally, you want to keep them hitched in a high external wall compound.

OverBakedToast 31 pts. year ago

Sometimes a horse may get stuck in a weird situation. If you hold down E while you are prompted to ride the horse there will be an option to Lead the horse this can help get the horse out of weird spots and through doors slowly. You can also Lead multiple horses at once but their walking speed while leading them depends on the bread and their stamina.

Farmer Joe[contributor] 224 pts. year ago

Horses can sometimes be very slow when going up or down mountains, which may make it better to walk instead of riding a horse in some situations.

Rekeshi 607 pts. 9 months ago*

  • You can buy 60 Pickles for 10 Scrap from the bandit camp feed these horses.
  • Fastest possible speed is 72km on a road with a thoroughbred, High Quality Horse Shoes and max stamina.
  • Horses do not spawn in the snow biome. Credit to
  • When not riding your horse leave it by a Hitch & Trough that has food in it to prevent decay
  • You can no longer wear any heavy plate attire while riding a horse.
  • Type in console "bind leftalt altlook" and "bind f +altlook" This allows you when riding a horse to look directly down (Must be holding an item) then upon pressing leftalt will keep your head down making it a lot harder to get shot while riding a horse.(Press f to cancel altlook)
  • Wooden Horse Armor has a better protection to speed ratio than Roadsign Horse Armor 1:-0.31 vs 1:-0.43 (2dp) in addition to having an extra 6 slots. My favourite horse armor even late game.
  • As of 9th of October 2021 My favourite mid-late game way to collect scrap is composting Horse Dung then selling the Fertilizer at the bandit camp every 1 minute (Refills faster in the first minute) while I'm fishing. (switch between 2 Handmade Fishing Rod to make it faster)
  • If you want your horses to last longer have one horse per Hitch & Trough.
  • I always store my horses inside to protect them more.
  • Basic Horse Shoes and Wooden Horse Armor can be crafted while on a horse at outpost with no bps. (Two of the first things I craft early game.)
  • My Favourite early game method to collect scrap is to ride around on a horse looting only the Brown crates,Tool Boxes and the Vehicle Parts Crates.
  • My Favourite way to farm stone is to ride around on a horse with Wooden Horse Armor, High Quality Horse Shoes, and using a Jackhammer to farm the Stone Ore Nodes. In my inventory I would also have 2 meds, 3 bandages, about 100 cloth and 20 pickles. I would also wear the best clothes I have available.
  • Early game sometimes I go to a river to feed myself and my horse with Pumpkins and Corn before moving on to feed my horse with just pickles.
  • If you're riding a horse and see another horse you want to keep place a Sleeping Bag down and collect it later. Additionally if Large barn/Ranch is far away and you want to buy more horses, place a bag and a stash outside of them.
  • In my opinion it is still worth buying 60 pickles at the outpost with the 20 scrap fee.


Aitvaras 16 pts. 4 months ago

Horses are amazing at carrying a large amount of items from one spot to another. You can equip your horse with two (2) saddle bags and a wooden horse armor set to effectively let you use eighteen (18) slots of horse inventory space, nineteen (19) if you do not use a horseshoe.
Keep in mind that the horse's stamina will drain drastically faster because of the wooden horse armor set and you may get into trouble if the horse runs out of stamina as it will just be trotting by that point so be sure to feed your horse and keep it's health maximum in case of attackers while you are carrying a lot of items from one place to another.\
Road sign horse armor, however, does not provide you any inventory slots but only protection at the cost of speed.

Simon Ghost 14 pts. month ago

you can use healing teas to heal them more