A sideways, dead log, it contains less wood than a normal tree, but does not trigger the red marker to appear like when hitting a normal tree, which requires you move in a circle. Doesn't cause any kind of loud sound upon fully harvesting it, unlike most trees.

  1. Gathering
  2. Tips
Tool Resources Time Condition Loss
Bone Club Bone Club Wood×141 11 sec 8 %
Chainsaw Chainsaw Wood×250 1 sec 1 %
Hatchet Hatchet Wood×209 7 sec 1 %
Rock Rock Wood×125 16 sec 5 %
Salvaged Axe Salvaged Axe Wood×250 6 sec 1 %
Salvaged Hammer Salvaged Hammer Wood×179 10 sec 1 %
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet Wood×193 9 sec 4 %

Phentos[contributor] 453 pts. 11 months ago

Harvesting per hit (10) is at a higher amount than standard rock hits against upright trees without a stacked target bonus. Therefore, if only a small amount of wood is needed or stealth is of concern, logs are second only to stumps.