Metal Ore Node

Metal ore nodes contain metal ore and high quality metal ore. Ore Nodes are most commonly found around cliffs, mountains and other rock formations. Due to this they are scarcely found in open fields.

Metal Ore Node
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Tool Resources Time Condition Loss
Bone Club Bone Club Metal Ore×286 18–51 sec. 31 %
Candy Cane Club Candy Cane Club Metal Ore×286 27 sec. – 1 min. 13 sec. 25 %
Salvaged Hammer Salvaged Hammer Metal Ore×358 9–19 sec. 2 %
Salvaged Icepick Salvaged Icepick Metal Ore×600High Quality Metal Ore×2 7–13 sec. 1 %
Pickaxe Pickaxe Metal Ore×600High Quality Metal Ore×2 12–27 sec. 5 %
Rock Rock Metal Ore×250 24 sec. – 1 min. 4 sec. 17 %
Snowball Snowball Metal Ore×250 24 sec. – 1 min. 4 sec. 17 %
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Metal Ore×485High Quality Metal Ore×2 9–23 sec. 9 %
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