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Ah, the local human. A destructive yet tame beast, it is known for it's strange and seemingly unpredicable attitude. Many humans live either alone, in small groups, or incredible large hordes consisting of about 20~ members known as 'Zergs'. They mostly will try and attack on sight, though those without complex pelts may try and befriend you, with it sometimes ending in a backstabbing by them. They are known to roam essentially everywhere, and either destroy or preserve the world they live in. They live in large, cavelike structures, and will go to desperate degrees to protect it, though, normally those with simple pelts, only seem to roam around; these kind often survive for a very short time when compared to the house Newman. The sounds they make can either be beautiful and warm, or scratchy and horrible in every way of the word. Voice pitch, depth, volume, etc, doesn't seem to be based on the gender nor coloring of the human. Do not attempt contact with Humans, as they are dangerous beasts with several handmade tools, capable at both ranged and melee combat. If you see a human, tell your local police and stay indoors at all costs. If they begin to barge into your home, it is recommended to lay down and accept your fate.

  1. Skinning
  2. Tips

Willdoesyt[contributor] 219 pts. 11 months ago

Pretty annoying, will try to kill you with an Assault Rifle .

pvp@outpost[supporter][contributor] 316 pts. 7 months ago

Your eyes are not at the top of your player model's head, so be careful when trying to cover it as you might have a little bit poking out from the cover.

PUR3ICE 65 pts. 7 months ago

Jackhammered the secondary sexual organs. Safecall, didnt deal any more damage.