Outpost Sentry

The Outpost Sentry turrets are turrets which are placed along the Outpost to guard the perimiter from people that it deems as hostile. The Outpost turrets will shoot at these people from a distance, and if a player becomes hostile within they will be targeted by the turrets aswell. The turrets will consider anyone who damages players in its sights hostile, and as such shoot at them when they approach a perimiter around the Outpost.

Outpost Sentry
  1. Tips

THE "Nigel The Elder"[contributor] 87 pts. 2 years ago

In its current state, the outpost will consider anyone that has dealt damage withing a radius of a couple squares of it as hostile and will target you for the next 15 minutes. As long as you dont attack someone within its radius again for this period of time it will de-agro.