Patrol Helicopter

The Patrol Helicopter is an aggressive NPC to hostile and geared players. It travels to each Rad Town but will veer off course if it spots or gets shot at by a player.

Players can have up to 2 pieces of clothing on without the Helicopter attacking them, but it will turn hostile if the player has any type of ranged weapon (excluding the Hunting bow). If the player shoots and hits the Helicopter, it will return fire. If the player hides after the Helicopter starts shooting at them, it will patrol the area for 30 seconds before leaving.

The Patrol Helicopter is equipped with regular and incendiary rockets as well as a machine gun. During a fight, the helicopter will shoot rockets at any structure occupied by its targeted player. If the player is in an area where they are building blocked, only incendiary rockets will be fired at them. Due to its high HP and damage output, it is best to avoid attacking the Patrol Helicopter without a lot of medical supplies and ammo.


  1. Drops
  2. is Gathered
Crate Amount
Helicopter Crate 4
Tool Resources Time Condition Loss
Bone Club Bone Club High Quality Metal×101Metal Fragments×1,240Charcoal×401 10 min. 12 sec. Bone Club×4
Salvaged Hammer Salvaged Hammer High Quality Metal×148Metal Fragments×1,842Charcoal×590 3 min. 9 sec. 19 %
Salvaged Icepick Salvaged Icepick High Quality Metal×200Metal Fragments×2,500Charcoal×800 2 min. 6 sec. 7 %
Pickaxe Pickaxe High Quality Metal×200Metal Fragments×2,500Charcoal×800 4 min. 13 sec. 43 %
Rock Rock High Quality Metal×100Metal Fragments×1,247Charcoal×400 12 min. 40 sec. Rock×2
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe High Quality Metal×158Metal Fragments×1,965Charcoal×629 3 min. 49 sec. 86 %
Patrol Helicopter
HP 10000
Main Rotor HP 900
Tail Rotor HP 500
Damage 11 Bullet