Road Sign

The signs found among roads are now harvestable, as of the November 5th update. Commonly found alongside roads, harvesting them with a tool will give a pipe and a roadsign component. They can be found as stop signs, turn signs, and other signs. They are harvestable with most tools, doing various amounts of damage. Be careful, as they can heavily damage some tools.

Road Sign
  1. Loot
  2. Tips
Item Condition Category Chance
Metal Pipe Metal Pipe - Component 100 %
Road Signs Road Signs - Component 100 %

pan Péťa Pokrývač 6 pts. 12 days ago

You can 2-shot these with a Mace, while taking close to no damage.

mister dookey 1 pts. yesterday

Honestly, these are pretty good for getting HQM(plus a little bit of scrap as well), they only have 100 hp, spawn along the road, and nobody ever breaks them so there are always tons of them.