Sharks are NPCs that spawn near Sunken Ships. They have very low health but are very fast. Best weapon to kill sharks are Spearguns.

HP 148
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NPC Mission Description Target Reward
Dive Master Shark Hunt Kill the sharks threatening divers near the island. - JackhammerMedical Syringe×3Scrap×25

C4 TIM 11 pts. year ago

Dealing roughly 20hp of damage per bite to a naked (about half that if you're geared up), the sharks will attack consistently every 2 seconds while in range.

RustyDelcon 52 pts. year ago

Chainsaw works underwater, so use that against sharks along with the speargun. 10 low grade should be enough, as long as you don't waste it.

RustyDelcon 52 pts. year ago

Best armor combination with maximum bite protection 36% (damage from animals) against sharks with diving tank, diving fins and diving mask, is the following attire set:
Wolf Headdress - 10% Roadsign Gloves OR Roadsign Kilt - 10% Hide Vest - 8% Hide Pants - 8%
I recommend gloves over kilt, because the sharks do tend to target towards the main body of the player, which is the chest or head, not the legs. I don't recommend diving at night, since the gloves or kilt with only 7% cold protection can end up freezing you faster without having a wetsuit ready. Also it's way harder to see sharks at night, if you don't have any light source on your head.
If you feel brave enough, you can ditch the mask for better protection like a Riot Helmet and Bandana, which does give you 16% bite protection upping the total to 43% as well as further 10% cold protection.
You can also use a Bucket Helmet for -2% less protection.

JustAFarmer 1 pts. 2 years ago

Sharks have a 10M radius, so if spearing sharks then stay at least 10M back and it wont attack you.