Bone Armor

Bone Armor

Though not often utilized due to the cheaper, more efficient alternatives, it is an upgrade to the burlap attire nonetheless, and may be appropriate if the materials needed for said alternatives are not readily available.

If roaming while the patrol helicopter is about, it's notable that it can be used in combination with the bone helmet without gaining its attention.


  1. Craft
  2. Repair
  3. Recycle for
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Tier
Bone Armor Bone Armor

Known by default

Cloth×15Bone Fragments×150 15 sec. – 1 min. -
Tool Cost for full repair Max Condition Loss Blueprint required
Repair Bench Repair Bench Cloth×8Bone Fragments×75 20% No
Recycler Yield
Recycler Bone Armor>Cloth×8Bone Fragments×75
Slot Fullbody
Can be combined No
HeatHeat 25
BulletBullet 25
SlashSlash 40
BluntBlunt 40
BiteBite 80
StabStab 40
ExplosionExplosion 40
RadiationRadiation 4
Arrow 20
Speed reduction No
In-game category Attire
Stack size ×1
Despawn time 5 min.