Bronze Egg

A Bronze Egg. Open for a surprise or collect 10 to upgrade to a silver egg.

Bronze Egg
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Item Category
Hunting Bow Hunting Bow Weapon
Wooden Arrow×10 Wooden Arrow Ammunition
Stones×100-200 Stones Resources
Wood×200-400 Wood Resources
Metal Fragments×25-50 Metal Fragments Resources
Chocolate Bar×3-5 Chocolate Bar Food
Egg Basket Egg Basket Misc
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears Attire
Compound Bow Compound Bow Weapon
Painted Egg×10>Bronze Egg
Bronze Egg×10>Silver Egg
Silver Egg×10>Gold Egg

PotPower 6 pts. 4 years ago

I suggest using some of them until you get the egg basket and the bunny ears, it helps a lot if you want to gather a lot of eggs

Fanis 16 pts. 2 years ago

Yup, just keep opening until you get the egg basket.
Identifier 844440409
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 5 min