Charcoal is the byproduct of wood when used for smelting in a campfire or furnace. It is used in conjunction with sulfur to craft gunpowder, a key ingredient for ammunition and explosives. Though it may be tempting to throw charcoal away, large quantities will be required in later stages of the game. Keep it if you can.

  1. Gathered from
  2. Recycled from
  3. Smelting
  4. Ingredient for
  5. Tips
Object Salvaged Icepick Jackhammer Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Salvaged Hammer Rock Bone Club
Patrol Helicopter 800 800 800 623 600 398 391
Bradley APC 880 880 880 685 660 436 428
Item Category Amount Chance
Snowman Snowman Items 25 100 %
Gun Powder Gun Powder Resources 2 100 %
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