Crude Oil

Raw Oil out of the ground, must be refined in a refinery to be used. Can be found in barrels scattered across the map.

Crude Oil
  1. Loot
  2. Shopping
  3. Extracted by
  4. Smelting
  5. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Oil Barrel - 15–19 100 %
Location Order
Bandit Camp Shopkeeper: «Scrap 4 Sale» Crude Oil×6>Scrap
Quarry Amount per Hour Fuel
Pump Jack Pump Jack 360 Low Grade Fuel×360
Furnace Process
Small Oil Refinery Small Oil Refinery Crude OilWoodfuel×6.67>Low Grade Fuel×3

-MS- Moneyman 11 pts. 3 years ago

Farm roads for junk piles and keep an eye out for those dark red barrels

cajun 6 pts. 2 years ago

Cost to refine 1 crude oil is 6.5 wood

Rekeshi 444 pts. 14 days ago

The most dense Crude oil location is underneath dome. About 5~ oil barrels underneath and 4~ on the three silos beside dome.
Identifier -321733511
Stack Size ×500
Despawn time 5 min