Door Key

Door keys are used in conjunction with a Key Lock for letting others access (open and close) your door. Important: the person who places a Key Lock, has access by default, without the need for a door key. If the key is lost, then the person carrying it won't have access anymore. In addition, if their killer or anyone else loots it from them and are able to locate the base, your base (or the particular door) might be compromised. So overall, carrying door keys outside of your base is risky. To avoid this risk, it's advised to upgrade to Code Locks if you have multiple people that need to have access to your doors. Using keylocks within groups is really not practical, they are mostly used by solo players.

Door Key
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Source Craft
Key Lock Key Lock Wood×25>Door Key
Key Lock Key Lock
Recycler Yield
Recycler Door Key>Wood×13

N3xT[contributor] 296 pts. year ago

Raiders that are scouting a base for an interesting raid, can guess if the base owner is a solo player or not based on having a keylock fitted on their doors. At least, when the base is decent, and not all wood (because then there's a chance it's a noob owner that shares keys to his group members, and opens the door for them)
Obviously, a small base with signs of belonging to a solo player is less interesting to raid for the expected loot. If however a decent or larger base has signs of belonging to a solo player, then it's apparently a player skilled enough to advance within the game as a solo, therefore increasing the probability that he's loaded with loot.
Yes, raiders think, and should think, about details like this. So keep it in mind! Either as raider or base owner.
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