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Electric Fuse

Electric fuse are item to start a monument puzzle by activating the electricity to get green, blue card and red card. And of course you can get good loot after that.

Electric Fuse
  1. Loot
  2. Recycled from
  3. Recycle
  4. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Crate 100 % 1 15 %
Barrel 100 % 1 1 %
Sunken Chest 100 % 1 14 %
Item Category Amount Fail Chance
Small Generator Small Generator Misc 2 -
Recycler Yield
Recycler Electric Fuse>Scrap×20

Karl XII 36 pts. month ago

1. Wait (camp) for someone to put fuses in at launch site (any puzzle monument). 2. Remove the fuse as soon as they leave, wait for them to come back in a hurry. 3. ?????????? 4. PROFIT!

Thyze[contributor] 58 pts. 6 months ago

Electric fuse can't get stacked

Finite[contributor] 63 pts. 6 months ago

Fuses can be sparingly drained, meaning only use them for as long as you need/care to then retrieve them.

HEX 71 pts. 4 months ago

Extra fuses can be recycled for a handsome amount of scrap.
In-game category Component
Stack size ×1
Despawn time 40 min.