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Gears are used in the crafting of armored doors, which are significantly stronger than sheet metal doors. These are hard to come by in large quantities and are one of the more sought after items in the game for defending bases.

  1. Loot
  2. Shopping
  3. Craft
  4. Research
  5. Recycled from
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Sunken Chest - 2 14 %
Crate - 2 14 %
Barrel - 2 1 %
Location Order
Outpost Vending Machine: «Components» Scrap×125>Gears
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Tier
Gears Blueprint Gears Blueprint Metal Fragments×25Scrap×100 1 sec. Work Bench Level 3
Research Table Researching
Research Table Research Table GearsScrap×250>Gears Blueprint
Item Category Amount Fail Chance
Snap Trap Snap Trap Traps 1 50 %
Binoculars Binoculars Tool 1 50 %
Chainsaw Chainsaw Tool 1 -
Armored Double Door Armored Double Door Construction 3 -
Armored Door Armored Door Construction 3 -
Blocker Blocker Misc 1 50 %
Flame Turret Flame Turret Traps 2 -
Ladder Hatch Ladder Hatch Construction 2 -
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Construction 5 -
High External Wooden Gate High External Wooden Gate Construction 3 -
Small Generator Small Generator Misc 2 -
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Items 2 -
M249 M249 Weapon 3 -
Pressure Pad Pressure Pad Misc 1 50 %
Reactive Target Reactive Target Items 1 50 %
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Traps 1 -
Timer Timer Misc 1 50 %
Vending Machine Vending Machine Items 2 -
Garage Door Garage Door Construction 1 -
Recycler Yield
Recycler Gears>Scrap×10Metal Fragments×13
Item Ingredients Category for 1 pc.
Snap Trap Snap Trap Metal Fragments×50Gears Traps 1
Binoculars Binoculars High Quality Metal×5Gears Tool 1
Chainsaw Chainsaw High Quality Metal×5Gears×2Metal Blade×6 Tool 2
Armored Double Door Armored Double Door High Quality Metal×25Gears×5 Construction 5
Armored Door Armored Door High Quality Metal×20Gears×5 Construction 5
Blocker Blocker High Quality Metal×5Gears Misc 1
Flame Turret Flame Turret High Quality Metal×10Metal Pipe×2Empty Propane Tank×5Gears×3 Traps 3
Ladder Hatch Ladder Hatch Wooden LadderMetal Fragments×300Gears×3 Construction 3
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Stones×3,000Gears×10 Construction 10
High External Wooden Gate High External Wooden Gate Wood×3,000Gears×5 Construction 5
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Wood×1,500High Quality Metal×30Gears×3Sheet Metal×10 Items 3
Pressure Pad Pressure Pad Wood×150Metal SpringGears Misc 1
Reactive Target Reactive Target Wood×100Metal Fragments×150Gears Items 1
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Wood×500Metal Fragments×250Gears×2Rope2 ft Traps 2
Timer Timer High Quality Metal×5Gears Misc 1
Vending Machine Vending Machine High Quality Metal×20Gears×3 Items 3
Garage Door Garage Door Metal Fragments×300Gears×2 Construction 2
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In-game category Component
Stack size ×20
Despawn time 40 min.