MC repair

MC repair dummy

MC repair
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Recycler Yield
Recycler MC repair>Metal Fragments×250

Maghrib - 7:00 38 pts. 2 years ago

It means Minicopter repair price (it cannot be recycled)

Infiow 1 pts. 2 months ago

The MC repair or [Minicopter Repair] has an unknown purpose to me at the least, As it does not interact with the minicopter in any way, Although recycling it does give you 250 metal fragments - Indicating this may have been something for devs to use to tell what is used to repair a heli and how much for it, Or as a player item which code was scrapped in some way or another, Giving us this. . .Pretty weird item unobtainable by regular people without auth level 1 or 2/access to the items tab.
Identifier 1426574435
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min