Medium Present

A medium present, might be good! Collect 5 to upgrade to a larger present.

Medium Present
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Item Category
Stones×1,000 Stones Resources
Pookie Bear Pookie Bear Items
Salvaged Cleaver Salvaged Cleaver Weapon
Small Stocking Small Stocking Items
Waterpipe Shotgun Waterpipe Shotgun Weapon
Handmade Shell×10 Handmade Shell Ammunition
Low Grade Fuel×150 Low Grade Fuel Resources
Medical Syringe×1-2 Medical Syringe Medical
Star Tree Topper Star Tree Topper Misc
Decorative Baubels Decorative Baubels Misc
Tree Lights Tree Lights Misc
Short Ice Wall×3-5 Short Ice Wall Construction
Snowball Gun Snowball Gun Weapon
Snowball×4 Snowball Weapon
Small Present×10>Medium Present
Medium Present×5>Large Present
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Stack Size ×5
Despawn time 5 min