Muzzle Boost

The Muzzle Boost provides a greater rate of fire (and negligible recoil reduction) at the cost of less damage and velocity. The effect is most pronounced in high rate of fire, low damage weapons, such as the Custom SMG and MP5A4.

Damage -10 %
Rate of Fire +10 %
Velocity -10 %
Muzzle Boost
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  2. Craft
  3. Experiment
  4. Research
  5. Repair
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Military Crate 100 % 1 1 %
Elite Crate 100 % 1 1 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Tier
Muzzle Boost Blueprint Muzzle Boost Blueprint High Quality Metal×10 1 min. – 2 min. Work Bench Level 2
Workbench Experiment Cost
Work Bench Level 2 Work Bench Level 2 Scrap×300>Muzzle Boost Blueprint
Research Table Researching
Research Table Research Table Muzzle BoostScrap×250>Muzzle Boost Blueprint
Tool Cost for full repair Max Condition Loss Blueprint required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality Metal×5 20% Yes
Recycler Yield
Recycler Muzzle Boost>High Quality Metal×5
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In-game category WeaponWeapon
Stack size ×1
Despawn time 40 min.