Pump Jack

The Pump Jack is currently a non-craftable item. Its original intended purpose was to allow players to harvest Crude Oil similar to the Quarry. It can only be found on the map near the power plant and train yard dungeon. Pump Jacks found on the map may be used to harvest Crude Oil if Low Grade Fuel is loaded and the engine started.

Pump Jack
  1. Yields
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Type Resources per Hour Fuel
Static Crude Oil×360 Low Grade Fuel×360

Teixas 43 pts. 2 years ago

This thing is present at:
Trainyard Water Treat Power plant
it effectively triples your low grade fuel once you refine the crude oil pumped from it if you have the time to d oso.

cucumber 6 pts. year ago

Takes way too long. Just go barrel mining and get alot more

eat another pie 11 pts. year ago

It can be pretty good if you are willing to leave it on and be away from it. I like to stick some fuel in and then go do other stuff, hit up a couple of monuments then come past on the way back.
Identifier -1130709577
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min