Red Keycard

Red Keycard is a required object used to open doors with a red keycard lock. Elite crates start to spawn in red puzzle rooms. However, you will have to start to pull guns out as these red puzzle rooms are always guarded. It can be obtained in the Water Treatment Plant, Airfield, Power Plant, and Trainyard. They are located on the desks. It can then be used on: - Military Tunnels (requires an electric fuse, a blue keycard and a red keycard, the green keycard is optional as it only unlocks another path into the monument. You will encounter scientists that throw F1 Grenades, so prepare medical items and weapons) - Launch Site (requires 2 electric fuses, a green keycard and a red keycard. You will only encounter Bradley APC, which is not a big problem if you hide from it. Do bring medical items as the radiation inside the building is very high, your hazmat suit will decrease the radiation poisoning but not all) - Small / Large Oil Rig (requires a red keycard, but in Small Oil Rig, bring a blue keycard to get to the red puzzle door. You will encounter scientists as well as heavy scientists (if you hack the locked crate), bring medical items and weapons) - Underwater Labs (requires an electric fuse and a red keycard)

Red Keycard
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Scrap 4 Sale Scrap×80 Red Keycard

TapL 26 pts. 5 years ago

Takes damage after a use (happens to all the keycards) it is not infinite

Hasery[contributor] 111 pts. 5 years ago

This card for rad Airfield and Launch site

Borgor[contributor] 369 pts. 5 years ago*

You can sell this item at Bandit Camp.

SEXULLANT 51 pts. 4 years ago

You can find this site at water treatment plant and you need just 1 FUSE and BLUE CARD

Pale Dolphin 47 pts. 3 years ago

Easiest way to obtain Red Keycard is to visit Water Treatment. You will only need 1 Electric Fuse and a Blue Keycard.
You can also find one at Train Yard, but you'll need 2 Fuses and 1 Blue Keycard to get it.

BallsToTheWall 89 pts. 3 years ago

Unlike Green and Blue keycards, the Red Keycard only has two uses. I'd recommend doing Oil Rig, and using the Heli Method to get to the top of Launch Site.

lolzazo 2 pts. 2 years ago

You can use this item for Additional Elite crates at underwater labs and military tunnels.

ozek 12 pts. 2 years ago

The easiest way to acquire a red keycard is in the Arctic Research Base which only requires a blue keycard to access.
There are scientists that should be dealt with before swiping the blue card.

kyle 26 pts. 9 months ago

never run launch puzzle

unknown, January 14, 2023 16:47

The easiest way to obtain this is throwing rocks at it at water treatment to get it through the window. This way requires no keycards and no fuses.
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Despawn time 1 hour