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Tactical Gloves

Military issue tactical gloves provide protection as well as weapon stabilization leading to higher accuracy when used.

ProjectileProjectile 10 %
MeleeMelee 5 %
BiteBite 2 %
RadiationRadiation 5 %
ColdCold 7 %
Aim sway -80 %
Tactical Gloves
  1. Shopping
  2. Recycle
  3. Tips
Location Order
Outpost Vending Machine: «Output Outfitters» Scrap×40>Tactical Gloves
Recycler Yield
Recycler Tactical Gloves>Leather×10Sewing Kit×5

zukey[contributor] 935 pts. 2 months ago

Tactical Gloves are a straight upgrade to roadsign gloves but cost 40 scrap at the outpost. The only benefits when compared to the road gloves are +7% cold protection, 5% radiation protection, and completely no aimsway. The cold won't matter much unless you're staying in the snow all the time, radiation protection won't matter much but in rare cases it will prevent you from getting radiation depending on the spot, and the aimsway only affects long range PVP.
It's worth noting that with the tactical gloves, you are able to buy a sewing kit with 8 scrap if you recycle the glove. This is definitely going to be helpful for groups who are always low on sewing kits but have enough scrap to spare.

Ivan leviathan 23 pts. 28 days ago

In-game category Attire
Stack size ×1
Despawn time 5 min.