Skull Door Knocker

A spooky heavy iron door knocker. Its haunted skull will produce flames when distrubed.

Having this item in your Steam Inventory means you'll be able to craft it in game. If you sell, trade or break this item you will no longer have this ability in game.

Skull Door Knocker
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In-game Item Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Skull Door Knocker Skull Door Knocker Metal Fragments×20 7–30 sec -
Steam Inventory Item
Wood1 Wood
Links Price Update 2.13 $ 6 hours ago
Steam Community Market 2.36 $ 6 hours ago
Rust Item Store - 6 days ago
Currency: $
  • A$Australian Dollar
  • R$Brazilian Real
  • £British Pound
  • C$Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Polish Zloty
  • р.Russian Ruble
  • $US Dollar
Skin Category Decorations
Marketable Yes
Tradable Yes