Rust Labs is an informative database created for the video game Rust. Virtually all of the game's data is collected and processed automatically after each update's release. Description text is written by the community, therefore sometimes it can be outdated. Due to possible server modifications, the data shown can only be applicable to official and vanilla servers.

In addition to weekly updates new content is gradually appearing. The website is not finalized yet, some parts require further development. Upcoming features you can see in the roadmap list, note that things may change in future.

Each user has a contribution score. Points are given for writing and editing descriptions, for upvoted tips, and simply for daily visits.

If you are a content creator, you can publish information from the website freely, as long as you provide a link to the source.


Big thanks to Hi, I'll sit down., HitTheRoad, Senyra, SocksWithSandals, Arran, Gabriel for copywriting;
Kid Krule and Frizus for coding tips.


Rust Labs is fanmade and not affilated with Facepunch. You can support me by making a donation. However, keep in mind that you will not get any special features, apart from a badge near your nickname:

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