What's Rust Labs?

Rust Labs is an informative database created for the video game Rust. Virtually all of the game's data is collected and processed automatically after each update's release.

Due to possible server modifications, the data shown can only be applicable to official and vanilla servers.

Early Release

This is an early release, only the most important things are working. In the near future, comments, accounts, reputations, and the custom forum will appear. In the Tools section there will be a furnace simulator and an advanced craft calculator. There will also be short reviews of the updates.

Further plans include modifying the category pages, as the current ones were made on the run, and correcting other small displeasing things.


Be Part of It

If you have any suggestions on the functionality, please send them to us. The useful, interesting and accomplishable ones will be implemented.

If you think you can write a better description than what is on the website already, don’t hesitate to add it! As soon as the accounts appear, you’ll be assigned the rank of a ContributorContributor Badge, and reputation scores (if you leave your email address or a link to your steam profile).

If you find any incorrect information, please send it using the feedback button below.


You can publish information from the website freely, as long as you provide a link to the source.