The MLRS (M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a vehicle that spawns in the Desert Military Base. Although it counts as a vehicle, it does not function like a car, meaning that you won't be able to drive it around the map. It stores the rockets inside the pods behind it's back, and has a control panel on the driver seat as well. To use the MLRS, you require 1-12 MLRS Rockets and 1 MLRS Aiming Module, they are very rare and can be found in Locked Crates, Elite Crates, Bradley APC Crates and Attack Helicopter Crates. Insert the MLRS Rockets behind the MLRS and then head over to the driver seat and place in the aiming module. If done correctly, screens should light up. Interact with the targeting screen and select your target. When you're done targeting the location, leave the targeting screen and head to your left to press the Fire button. You should hear the MLRS Rockets self propelling to the target. They deal significantly a lot of damage to structures, but you have lots of disadvantage. You have to walk back to the location that you targeted to secure the area. The MLRS Rockets can make lots of noises so be on a lookout. You will also alert people that you're inside the monument. When you successfully fire the rockets, the aiming module will get consumed.

  1. Tips

Fizza[contributor] 85 pts. 6 months ago

you can use it to raid any bases that you wish, but it's not useful again'st bases with sam turrets so use your missiles wisely, also anyone can kill you when you're in the vehicle so bring teammates to the military base