Mushroom clusters are generally found within forests, and less commonly in other places. Pressing the use key on one (default 'E') will pick the cluster and give the player a mushroom in their inventory. Mushroom clusters are important for the survival of those starting out, as other food sources may not be present or accessible due to a lack of weapons. Mushrooms will give a small amount of hunger, thirst, and health satisfaction, enough to stave off starvation until better food sources present themselves.

  1. Harvest
  2. Tips
Item Chance
Mushroom Mushroom 100 %
Worm Worm 5 %
Grub Grub 2.5 %

Pootis[contributor] 68 pts. 5 years ago

If you find one mushroom in the cedar forests, you'll most likely find more. Look near the small rock ledges, or through ferns.

MasteRJ 63 pts. 2 years ago

Mushrooms give instant health. Thus, combining mushrooms with bandages can impact early game fights a lot