Salt Water

Salt water is similar to normal water, but it does more harm than good and is gathered from the sea. Drinking salt water will make you vomit, losing health and hydration. Salt water can be purified using a water purifier.

CaloriesCalories -15
HydrationHydration -20
HealthHealth -2
Health over timeHealth over time -2
Salt Water
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Container Capacity Category
Water Barrel Water Barrel - Items
Powered Water Purifier Powered Water Purifier - Electrical
Water Pump Water Pump - Electrical
Large Water Catcher Large Water Catcher - Construction
Small Water Catcher Small Water Catcher - Construction
Water Purifier Water Purifier - Items
Bota Bag Bota Bag 500 ml Items
Small Water Bottle Small Water Bottle 250 ml Food
Water Jug Water Jug 5,000 ml Food
Above Ground Pool Above Ground Pool - Fun
Paddling Pool Paddling Pool - Fun
Water Gun Water Gun 1,000 ml Weapon
Water Pistol Water Pistol 250 ml Weapon
Water Bucket Water Bucket 2,000 ml Tool

Scientist 21 pts. year ago

Experiment results: A average human is able to drink up to 350 millilitres of salt water before death occurs due to extreme dehydration.
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