Water can be used to regain thirst, heal yourself and remove radiation poisoning. You can either get it from water collectors, drink it from rivers, streams and lakes or from water bottles found in the ration loot boxes.

HydrationHydration +30
RadiationRadiation -5
Health over timeHealth over time +5
  1. Loot
  2. Collected by
  3. Purification
  4. Storage
  5. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Ration Box - Water Jug4,000 ml 25 %
Ration Box - Small Water Bottle120 ml 21 %
Food Crate - Small Water Bottle120 ml 67 %
Food Crate - Water Jug4,000 ml 21 %
Water Catcher Amount per Minute
Large Water Catcher Large Water Catcher 8–68 ml
Small Water Catcher Small Water Catcher 3–23 ml
Purifier Process Time Fuel
Water Purifier Water Purifier Salt Water2,000 ml>Water500 ml 4 min Woodfuel×24
Container Capacity Category
Bota Bag Bota Bag 500 ml Items
Water Bucket Water Bucket 2,000 ml Tool
Small Water Bottle Small Water Bottle 250 ml Food
Large Water Catcher Large Water Catcher 50,000 ml Construction
Small Water Catcher Small Water Catcher 10,000 ml Construction
Water Barrel Water Barrel 20,000 ml Items
Water Jug Water Jug 4,000 ml Tool
Water Purifier Water Purifier 2,000 ml Items

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When passing through shallow water jump repeatedly to make no sound.
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