Underwater Lab Tech Crate

The crate contains varieties of components as well as tech trash, targeting computer and CCTV cameras and found in Underwater Labs.

Underwater Lab Tech Crate
  1. Loot
  2. Tips
Item Condition Category Chance
Metal Pipe×5-10 Metal Pipe - Component 31 %
High Quality Metal×15-48 High Quality Metal - Resources 31 %
Scrap×8 Scrap - Resources 100 %
SMG Body×1-2 SMG Body - Component 31 %
Rifle Body×1-2 Rifle Body - Component 31 %
CCTV Camera×1-2 CCTV Camera - Resources 15 %
Tech Trash×2-6 Tech Trash - Component 30 %
Targeting Computer×1-2 Targeting Computer - Resources 17 %
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