Boonie Hat

Equivalent stats and cost to burlap headwrap, but can be combined with the bandana.

ProjectileProjectile 15 %
MeleeMelee 15 %
BiteBite 3 %
RadiationRadiation 2 %
ColdCold 7 %
Boonie Hat
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Recycle
  4. Skins
  5. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Primitive Crate - 1 6 %
Barrel - 1 1 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
skin Boonie Hat Blueprint

Requires a skin to craft

Cloth×10 7–30 sec -
Recycler Yield
Recycler Boonie Hat>Cloth×5
Cowboy Sheriff Hat

Cowboy Sheriff Hat...

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat...

Burlap Bandit Hat

Burlap Bandit Hat...

Hunted Hat

Hunted Hat...

Leather Boonie Hat

Leather Boonie Hat...


PVC Hat...

Flower Hat

Flower Hat...

Fisherman Boonie Hat

Fisherman Boonie Hat...

Farmer Hat

Farmer Hat...

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  • R$Brazilian Real
  • £British Pound
  • C$Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Polish Zloty
  • р.Russian Ruble
  • $US Dollar
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