A machine found in most radtowns which can break items into ~50% of their constituency. Items which have constituent materials that they require only one of will have a 50% chance to retrieve the constituent from recycling. Players finding themselves with excess components may use the Recycler to break them down into raw resources.

  1. Recycle
  2. Tips
Item Resources Category
Wolf Headdress Wolf Headdress Cloth×5Wolf Skull50% Attire
Fogger-3000 Fogger-3000 Metal Fragments×50Low Grade Fuel×15Metal Pipe50% Misc
Strobe Light Strobe Light Metal Fragments×50High Quality Metal Misc
Kayak Kayak Metal Fragments×38Wood×300Cloth×50 Items
MC repair MC repair Metal Fragments×250 Misc
ScrapTransportHeliRepair ScrapTransportHeliRepair Metal Fragments×750 Misc
40mm Shotgun Round 40mm Shotgun Round Metal FragmentsGun Powder×4 Ammunition
40mm HE Grenade 40mm HE Grenade Gun Powder×8Metal Pipe25%Explosives25% Ammunition
40mm Smoke Grenade 40mm Smoke Grenade Gun Powder×8Metal Pipe25% Ammunition
High Velocity Arrow High Velocity Arrow Wood×5Metal Fragments×2 Ammunition
Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow Wood×7Stones×3 Ammunition
Bone Arrow Bone Arrow Wood×5Bone Fragments×2 Ammunition
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow Wood×5Low Grade Fuel×3Cloth50% Ammunition
Handmade Shell Handmade Shell Stones×2Gun Powder×2 Ammunition
Nailgun Nails Nailgun Nails Metal Fragments Ammunition
Pistol Bullet Pistol Bullet Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder Ammunition
Incendiary Pistol Bullet Incendiary Pistol Bullet Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder×2SulfurLow Grade Fuel17% Ammunition
HV Pistol Ammo HV Pistol Ammo Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder×4 Ammunition
5.56 Rifle Ammo 5.56 Rifle Ammo Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder Ammunition
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo Metal Fragments×3Gun Powder×5Sulfur×3 Ammunition
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo Metal Fragments×3Gun Powder×5Sulfur×2Low Grade Fuel25% Ammunition
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo Metal Fragments×3Gun Powder×5 Ammunition
Rocket Rocket Metal PipeGun Powder×75Explosives×5 Ammunition
Incendiary Rocket Incendiary Rocket Metal PipeGun Powder×125Low Grade Fuel×125Explosives50% Ammunition
High Velocity Rocket High Velocity Rocket Gun Powder×50Metal Pipe50% Ammunition
Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! Metal Fragments×40Gun Powder×100Low Grade Fuel×13 Ammunition
12 Gauge Buckshot 12 Gauge Buckshot Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder×3 Ammunition
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell Metal Fragments×2Gun Powder×3Sulfur×5 Ammunition
12 Gauge Slug 12 Gauge Slug Metal Fragments×3Gun Powder×3 Ammunition
Sheet Metal Double Door Sheet Metal Double Door Metal Fragments×150 Construction
Armored Double Door Armored Double Door High Quality Metal×13Gears×3 Construction
Wood Double Door Wood Double Door Wood×300 Construction
Sheet Metal Door Sheet Metal Door Metal Fragments×75 Construction
Armored Door Armored Door High Quality Metal×10Gears×3 Construction
Wooden Door Wooden Door Wood×150 Construction
Floor grill Floor grill Metal Fragments×38 Construction
Ladder Hatch Ladder Hatch Metal Fragments×150Gears×2Wooden Ladder50% Construction
Floor triangle grill Floor triangle grill Metal Fragments×38 Construction
Triangle Ladder Hatch Triangle Ladder Hatch Metal Fragments×150Gears×2Wooden Ladder50% Construction
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Stones×1,500Gears×5 Construction
High External Wooden Gate High External Wooden Gate Wood×1,500Gears×3 Construction
Wooden Ladder Wooden Ladder Wood×150Rope2 ft Construction
High External Stone Wall High External Stone Wall Stones×750 Construction
High External Wooden Wall High External Wooden Wall Wood×750 Construction
Prison Cell Gate Prison Cell Gate Metal Fragments×100 Construction
Prison Cell Wall Prison Cell Wall Metal Fragments×100 Construction
Chainlink Fence Gate Chainlink Fence Gate Metal Fragments×38 Construction
Chainlink Fence Chainlink Fence Metal Fragments×38 Construction
Garage Door Garage Door Metal Fragments×150Gears Construction
Netting Netting Rope50% Construction
Shop Front Shop Front Wood×150 Construction
Metal Shop Front Metal Shop Front Metal Fragments×125 Construction
Metal Window Bars Metal Window Bars Metal Fragments×13 Construction
Reinforced Window Bars Reinforced Window Bars High Quality Metal×2 Construction
Wooden Window Bars Wooden Window Bars Wood×25 Construction
Metal horizontal embrasure Metal horizontal embrasure Metal Fragments×50 Construction
Metal Vertical embrasure Metal Vertical embrasure Metal Fragments×50 Construction
Reinforced Glass Window Reinforced Glass Window Metal Fragments×25 Construction
Wood Shutters Wood Shutters Wood×100 Construction
Watch Tower Watch Tower Wood×1,250 Construction
Frog Boots Frog Boots Tarp50% Attire
Burlap Gloves Burlap Gloves Cloth×3 Attire
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Leather×10Sewing Kit50% Attire
Roadsign Gloves Roadsign Gloves Leather×10Sewing KitRoad Signs50% Attire
Tactical Gloves Tactical Gloves Leather×10Sewing Kit×5 Attire
Ghost Costume Ghost Costume Cloth×50Sewing Kit Attire
Scarecrow Wrap Scarecrow Wrap Cloth×5 Attire
Hide Halterneck Hide Halterneck Cloth×10 Attire
Beenie Hat Beenie Hat Cloth×8 Attire
Boonie Hat Boonie Hat Cloth×5 Attire
Bucket Helmet Bucket Helmet Metal Fragments×18 Attire
Burlap Headwrap Burlap Headwrap Cloth×5 Attire
Candle Hat Candle Hat Cloth×8Low Grade Fuel×3 Attire
Baseball Cap Baseball Cap Cloth×3 Attire
Clatter Helmet Clatter Helmet Metal Fragments×18 Attire
Coffee Can Helmet Coffee Can Helmet Cloth×8Metal Fragments×30Sewing Kit50% Attire
Bone Helmet Bone Helmet Cloth×8Bone Fragments×25 Attire
Heavy Plate Helmet Heavy Plate Helmet High Quality Metal×2Sheet Metal50% Attire
Miners Hat Miners Hat Cloth×8Low Grade Fuel×5Metal Fragments×25 Attire
Riot Helmet Riot Helmet Cloth×5Metal Fragments×25 Attire
Wood Armor Helmet Wood Armor Helmet Cloth×8Wood×100 Attire
Hoodie Hoodie Cloth×40Sewing Kit50% Attire
Bone Armor Bone Armor Cloth×8Bone Fragments×75 Attire
Heavy Plate Jacket Heavy Plate Jacket Sheet MetalHigh Quality Metal×2 Attire
Snow Jacket Snow Jacket Cloth×30Sewing Kit50% Attire
Jacket Jacket Cloth×25Sewing Kit Attire
Wood Chestplate Wood Chestplate Wood×150Rope50% Attire
Improvised Balaclava Improvised Balaclava Cloth×8 Attire
Bandana Mask Bandana Mask Cloth×3 Attire
Metal Facemask Metal Facemask Leather×25High Quality Metal×8Sewing Kit×3 Attire
Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Goggles High Quality Metal×5Tech Trash Attire
Burlap Trousers Burlap Trousers Cloth×10 Attire
Heavy Plate Pants Heavy Plate Pants High Quality Metal×2Sheet Metal50% Attire
Hide Pants Hide Pants Leather×8 Attire
Road Sign Kilt Road Sign Kilt Leather×10Sewing KitRoad Signs50% Attire
Shorts Shorts Cloth×15 Attire
Wood Armor Pants Wood Armor Pants Wood×100Rope50% Attire
Pants Pants Cloth×40Sewing Kit50% Attire
Hide Poncho Hide Poncho Leather×10 Attire
Burlap Shirt Burlap Shirt Cloth×10 Attire
Shirt Shirt Leather×25 Attire
Hide Vest Hide Vest Leather×8 Attire
Tank Top Tank Top Leather×15 Attire
Boots Boots Leather×10Metal Fragments×8Sewing Kit50% Attire
Burlap Shoes Burlap Shoes Cloth×5 Attire
Hide Boots Hide Boots Leather×5 Attire
Hide Skirt Hide Skirt Cloth×10 Attire
Bandit Guard Gear Bandit Guard Gear Tarp×3Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 Attire
Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit Tarp×3Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 Attire
Scientist Suit Scientist Suit Tarp×3Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 Attire
Scientist Suit Scientist Suit Tarp×3Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 Attire
Heavy Scientist Suit Heavy Scientist Suit Tarp×3Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 Attire
Longsleeve T-Shirt Longsleeve T-Shirt Cloth×15 Attire
T-Shirt T-Shirt Cloth×13 Attire
Metal Chest Plate Metal Chest Plate Leather×25High Quality Metal×13Sewing Kit×4 Attire
Road Sign Jacket Road Sign Jacket Leather×20Road Signs×2Sewing Kit×2 Attire
Duct Tape Duct Tape Cloth×3Glue50% Component
Low Quality Carburetor Low Quality Carburetor High Quality Metal Component
Medium Quality Carburetor Medium Quality Carburetor High Quality Metal×3 Component
High Quality Carburetor High Quality Carburetor Scrap×10High Quality Metal×8 Component
Low Quality Crankshaft Low Quality Crankshaft High Quality Metal Component
Medium Quality Crankshaft Medium Quality Crankshaft High Quality Metal×3 Component
High Quality Crankshaft High Quality Crankshaft Scrap×10High Quality Metal×8 Component
Low Quality Pistons Low Quality Pistons High Quality Metal Component
Medium Quality Pistons Medium Quality Pistons High Quality Metal×3 Component
High Quality Pistons High Quality Pistons Scrap×10High Quality Metal×8 Component
Low Quality Spark Plugs Low Quality Spark Plugs High Quality Metal Component
Medium Quality Spark Plugs Medium Quality Spark Plugs High Quality Metal×3 Component
High Quality Spark Plugs High Quality Spark Plugs Scrap×10High Quality Metal×8 Component
Low Quality Valves Low Quality Valves High Quality Metal Component
Medium Quality Valves Medium Quality Valves High Quality Metal×3 Component
High Quality Valves High Quality Valves Scrap×10High Quality Metal×8 Component
Electric Fuse Electric Fuse Scrap×20 Component
Gears Gears Scrap×10Metal Fragments×13 Component
Metal Blade Metal Blade Scrap×2Metal Fragments×15 Component
Metal Pipe Metal Pipe Scrap×5High Quality Metal Component
Empty Propane Tank Empty Propane Tank ScrapMetal Fragments×50 Component
Road Signs Road Signs Scrap×5High Quality Metal Component
Rope1 ft Rope Cloth×15 Component
Sewing Kit Sewing Kit Cloth×10Rope2 ft Component
Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Scrap×8Metal Fragments×100High Quality Metal Component
Metal Spring Metal Spring Scrap×10High Quality Metal Component
Sticks Sticks Wood×10 Component
Tarp Tarp Cloth×50 Component
Tech Trash Tech Trash Scrap×20High Quality Metal Component
Rifle Body Rifle Body Scrap×25High Quality Metal×2 Component
Semi Automatic Body Semi Automatic Body Scrap×15High Quality Metal×2Metal Fragments×75 Component
SMG Body SMG Body Scrap×15High Quality Metal×2 Component
Concrete Barricade Concrete Barricade Stones×100 Construction
Wooden Barricade Cover Wooden Barricade Cover Wood×125 Construction
Metal Barricade Metal Barricade Metal Fragments×100Metal Blade Construction
Sandbag Barricade Sandbag Barricade Stones×50Cloth×5 Construction
Stone Barricade Stone Barricade Stones×50 Construction
Wooden Barricade Wooden Barricade Wood×150Rope50% Construction
Barbed Wooden Barricade Barbed Wooden Barricade Wood×150Metal Fragments×25Rope50% Construction
Barbeque Barbeque Metal Fragments×20Wood×50 Items
Snap Trap Snap Trap Metal Fragments×25Gears50% Traps
Bed Bed Cloth×30Metal Fragments×50Sewing Kit Items
Camp Fire Camp Fire Wood×50 Items
Ceiling Light Ceiling Light Metal Fragments×25 Electrical
Chair Chair Wood×25Metal Fragments×38 Items
Composter Composter TarpWood×100 Items
Computer Station Computer Station High Quality Metal×10Targeting Computer50%RF Broadcaster50%RF Receiver50% Electrical
Drop Box Drop Box Metal Fragments×100 Items
Elevator Elevator High Quality Metal×3Metal Fragments×150Gears×2 Electrical
Stone Fireplace Stone Fireplace Stones×250Wood×100 Items
Blue Boomer Blue Boomer Metal Fragments×13Gun Powder×15Low Grade Fuel×8 Fun
Champagne Boomer Champagne Boomer Metal Fragments×15Gun Powder×38Low Grade Fuel×15 Fun
Green Boomer Green Boomer Metal Fragments×13Gun Powder×15Low Grade Fuel×8 Fun
Orange Boomer Orange Boomer Metal Fragments×13Gun Powder×15Low Grade Fuel×8 Fun
Red Boomer Red Boomer Metal Fragments×13Gun Powder×15Low Grade Fuel×8 Fun
Violet Boomer Violet Boomer Metal Fragments×13Gun Powder×15Low Grade Fuel×8 Fun
Blue Roman Candle Blue Roman Candle Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×5 Fun
Green Roman Candle Green Roman Candle Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×5 Fun
Red Roman Candle Red Roman Candle Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×5 Fun
Violet Roman Candle Violet Roman Candle Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×5 Fun
White Volcano Firework White Volcano Firework Metal Fragments×10Gun Powder×8 Fun
Red Volcano Firework Red Volcano Firework Metal Fragments×10Gun Powder×8 Fun
Violet Volcano Firework Violet Volcano Firework Metal Fragments×10Gun Powder×8 Fun
Wooden Floor Spikes Wooden Floor Spikes Wood×150 Traps
Fridge Fridge Metal Fragments×38 Items
Large Furnace Large Furnace Stones×250Wood×300Low Grade Fuel×38 Items
Furnace Furnace Stones×100Wood×50Low Grade Fuel×25 Items
Hitch & Trough Hitch & Trough Wood×375 Items
Hab Repair Hab Repair Cloth×150 Misc
Jack O Lantern Angry Jack O Lantern Angry Pumpkin Items
Jack O Lantern Happy Jack O Lantern Happy Pumpkin Items
Land Mine Land Mine Metal Fragments×25Gun Powder×50 Traps
Lantern Lantern Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×8 Items
Large Wood Box Large Wood Box Wood×125Metal Fragments×25 Items
Water Barrel Water Barrel Wood×125Tarp50% Items
Locker Locker Metal Fragments×50Wood×25 Items
Mail Box Mail Box Wood×50Metal Fragments×13 Items
Mixing Table Mixing Table Metal Fragments×100Stones×50 Items
Modular Car Lift Modular Car Lift Metal Fragments×500High Quality Metal×5Gears×2 Electrical
Small Oil Refinery Small Oil Refinery Wood×100Metal Fragments×250Low Grade Fuel×125 Items
Large Planter Box Large Planter Box Wood×100Tarp Items
Small Planter Box Small Planter Box Wood×50Tarp50% Items
Audio Alarm Audio Alarm High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Smart Alarm Smart Alarm High Quality Metal×2Tech Trash50% Electrical
Smart Switch Smart Switch High Quality Metal×2Tech Trash50% Electrical
Storage Monitor Storage Monitor High Quality Metal×2Tech Trash50% Electrical
Large Rechargable Battery Large Rechargable Battery High Quality Metal×25 Electrical
Medium Rechargable Battery Medium Rechargable Battery High Quality Metal×13 Electrical
Small Rechargable Battery Small Rechargable Battery High Quality Metal×5 Electrical
Button Button High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Counter Counter High Quality Metal×5 Electrical
HBHF Sensor HBHF Sensor High Quality Metal×8Tech Trash50% Electrical
Laser Detector Laser Detector High Quality Metal×8 Electrical
Pressure Pad Pressure Pad Wood×75Metal Spring50%Gears50% Electrical
Door Controller Door Controller High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Electric Heater Electric Heater Metal Fragments×100 Electrical
Fluid Combiner Fluid Combiner High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Fluid Splitter Fluid Splitter High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Fluid Switch & Pump Fluid Switch & Pump High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
AND Switch AND Switch High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Blocker Blocker High Quality Metal×3Gears50% Electrical
Electrical Branch Electrical Branch High Quality Metal×2 Electrical
Root Combiner Root Combiner High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Memory Cell Memory Cell High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
OR Switch OR Switch High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
RAND Switch RAND Switch High Quality Metal×3Gears50% Electrical
RF Broadcaster RF Broadcaster High Quality Metal×5Tech Trash50% Electrical
RF Receiver RF Receiver High Quality Metal×4Tech Trash50% Electrical
XOR Switch XOR Switch High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Small Generator Small Generator High Quality Metal×8Gears Electrical
Test Generator Test Generator High Quality Metal×13Gears×2Metal PipeElectric Fuse×2 Electrical
Large Solar Panel Large Solar Panel High Quality Metal×13 Electrical
Igniter Igniter High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Flasher Light Flasher Light High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Simple Light Simple Light Wood×50Metal Fragments×13 Electrical
Siren Light Siren Light High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Powered Water Purifier Powered Water Purifier High Quality Metal×3Metal Fragments×8Cloth×10 Electrical
Switch Switch High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Splitter Splitter High Quality Metal×5 Electrical
Sprinkler Sprinkler High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Tesla Coil Tesla Coil High Quality Metal×5Tech Trash50% Electrical
Timer Timer High Quality Metal×3Gears50% Electrical
Cable Tunnel Cable Tunnel High Quality Metal×5 Electrical
Water Pump Water Pump Wood×250Metal Fragments×100 Electrical
Reactive Target Reactive Target Wood×50Metal Fragments×75Gears50% Electrical
Repair Bench Repair Bench Metal Fragments×63 Items
Research Table Research Table Metal Fragments×100 Items
Rug Bear Skin Rug Bear Skin Leather×50 Items
Rug Rug Cloth×13 Items
Search Light Search Light Wood×250Metal Fragments×100 Electrical
Secret Lab Chair Secret Lab Chair Wood×25Metal Fragments×38 Items
Salvaged Shelves Salvaged Shelves Metal Fragments×25 Items
Large Banner Hanging Large Banner Hanging Cloth×100Metal Fragments×150 Items
Two Sided Hanging Sign Two Sided Hanging Sign Metal Fragments×75 Items
Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign Metal Fragments×50 Items
Landscape Picture Frame Landscape Picture Frame Wood×75Cloth×25 Items
Portrait Picture Frame Portrait Picture Frame Wood×75Cloth×25 Items
Tall Picture Frame Tall Picture Frame Wood×100Cloth×38 Items
XL Picture Frame XL Picture Frame Wood×150Cloth×50 Items
XXL Picture Frame XXL Picture Frame Wood×250Cloth×100 Items
Large Banner on pole Large Banner on pole Wood×150Metal Fragments×100Cloth×100 Items
Double Sign Post Double Sign Post Wood×113 Items
Single Sign Post Single Sign Post Wood×100 Items
One Sided Town Sign Post One Sided Town Sign Post Wood×250 Items
Two Sided Town Sign Post Two Sided Town Sign Post Wood×250Metal Fragments×25 Items
Huge Wooden Sign Huge Wooden Sign Wood×500 Items
Large Wooden Sign Large Wooden Sign Wood×350 Items
Medium Wooden Sign Medium Wooden Sign Wood×150 Items
Small Wooden Sign Small Wooden Sign Wood×75 Items
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Wood×250Metal Fragments×125GearsRope1 ft Traps
Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Cloth×15 Items
Small Stash Small Stash Cloth×5 Items
Spinning wheel Spinning wheel Metal Fragments×75 Items
Survival Fish Trap Survival Fish Trap Wood×100Cloth×3 Items
Table Table Wood×100Metal Fragments×50 Items
Work Bench Level 1 Work Bench Level 1 Wood×250Metal Fragments×50 Items
Work Bench Level 2 Work Bench Level 2 Metal Fragments×250High Quality Metal×10 Items
Work Bench Level 3 Work Bench Level 3 Metal Fragments×500High Quality Metal×50 Items
Tool Cupboard Tool Cupboard Wood×500 Construction
Tuna Can Lamp Tuna Can Lamp Wood×10Low Grade Fuel×5Empty Tuna Can50% Items
Vending Machine Vending Machine High Quality Metal×10Gears×2 Items
Large Water Catcher Large Water Catcher Wood×250Metal Fragments×100Tarp Construction
Small Water Catcher Small Water Catcher Wood×50Metal Fragments×25Tarp50% Construction
Water Purifier Water Purifier Metal Fragments×8Cloth×5Empty Propane Tank50% Items
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Wood×750High Quality Metal×15Gears×2Sheet Metal×5 Electrical
Wood Storage Box Wood Storage Box Wood×50 Items
Bota Bag Bota Bag Cloth×5 Items
Water Jug Water Jug Metal Fragments×50 Food
Shovel Bass Shovel Bass Wood×25Metal Fragments×38 Fun
Cowbell Cowbell Metal Fragments×18 Fun
Junkyard Drum Kit Junkyard Drum Kit Wood×100Metal Fragments×50 Fun
Pan Flute Pan Flute Metal Fragments×10Cloth×3 Fun
Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar Wood×50Cloth×5 Fun
Jerry Can Guitar Jerry Can Guitar Wood×13Metal Fragments×25 Fun
Wheelbarrow Piano Wheelbarrow Piano Wood×100Metal Fragments×50 Fun
Canbourine Canbourine Metal Fragments×13 Fun
Plumber's Trumpet Plumber's Trumpet Metal Fragments×38 Fun
Sousaphone Sousaphone Metal Fragments×50 Fun
Xylobone Xylobone Bone Fragments×25 Fun
Car Key Car Key Metal Fragments×8 Misc
Door Key Door Key Wood×13 Misc
Key Lock Key Lock Wood×50 Construction
Code Lock Code Lock Metal Fragments×50 Construction
Chinese Lantern Chinese Lantern Cloth×13Low Grade Fuel×3 Items
Dragon Door Knocker Dragon Door Knocker Metal Fragments×10 Items
Dragon Mask Dragon Mask Cloth×5Wolf Skull50% Attire
New Year Gong New Year Gong Wood×200Metal Fragments×50Cloth×10 Fun
Rat Mask Rat Mask Cloth×5Wolf Skull50% Attire
Firecracker String Firecracker String Gun Powder×5Metal Fragments×5 Fun
Chippy Arcade Game Chippy Arcade Game High Quality Metal×5Gears Items
Door Closer Door Closer Metal Fragments×25Metal Spring50% Construction
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears Cloth×10 Attire
Bunny Onesie Bunny Onesie Cloth×20 Attire
Easter Door Wreath Easter Door Wreath Cloth×10 Items
Egg Basket Egg Basket Scrap×15Metal Fragments×50 Misc
Rustigé Egg - Red Rustigé Egg - Red High Quality Metal Misc
Rustigé Egg - Blue Rustigé Egg - Blue High Quality Metal Misc
Rustigé Egg - Purple Rustigé Egg - Purple High Quality Metal Misc
Rustigé Egg - Ivory Rustigé Egg - Ivory High Quality Metal Misc
Nest Hat Nest Hat Cloth×5Wolf Skull50% Attire
Large Candle Set Large Candle Set Animal Fat×10Cloth×5 Misc
Small Candle Set Small Candle Set Animal Fat×5Cloth×3 Misc
Coffin Coffin Wood×400 Misc
Cursed Cauldron Cursed Cauldron Wood×50 Misc
Gravestone Gravestone Wood×200 Misc
Wooden Cross Wooden Cross Wood×200 Misc
Graveyard Fence Graveyard Fence Stones×125Metal Fragments×38 Misc
Pumpkin Bucket Pumpkin Bucket Scrap×15Metal Fragments×50 Misc
Scarecrow Scarecrow Wood×100Cloth×5 Items
Skull Spikes Skull Spikes Wood×75Human Skull50% Fun
Skull Door Knocker Skull Door Knocker Metal Fragments×10 Items
Skull Fire Pit Skull Fire Pit Wood×50Human Skull50% Items
Spooky Speaker Spooky Speaker Wood×200Metal Fragments×50Cloth×10 Misc
Surgeon Scrubs Surgeon Scrubs Cloth×30Sewing Kit×2 Attire
Skull Trophy Skull Trophy Wood×50Metal Fragments×13 Fun
Note Note Wood×5 Misc
Above Ground Pool Above Ground Pool Metal Fragments×100Tarp×2Wood×250 Fun
Beach Chair Beach Chair Wood×25Metal Fragments×38 Fun
Beach Parasol Beach Parasol Cloth×10Metal Fragments×38 Fun
Beach Table Beach Table Wood×100Metal Fragments×50 Fun
Beach Towel Beach Towel Cloth×15 Fun
Boogie Board Boogie Board Metal Fragments×38Tarp50% Fun
Inner Tube Inner Tube Metal Fragments×38Tarp50% Fun
Instant Camera Instant Camera Metal Fragments×38Gears50% Tool
Paddling Pool Paddling Pool Cloth×50Tarp50% Fun
Landscape Photo Frame Landscape Photo Frame Wood×75 Items
Large Photo Frame Large Photo Frame Wood×100 Items
Portrait Photo Frame Portrait Photo Frame Wood×75 Items
Sunglasses Sunglasses Metal Fragments×15 Attire
Water Gun Water Gun Metal Fragments×63 Weapon
Water Pistol Water Pistol Metal Fragments×38 Weapon
Christmas Lights Christmas Lights Metal Fragments×13Low Grade Fuel×10 Items
Festive Doorway Garland Festive Doorway Garland Cloth×13 Items
Giant Candy Decor Giant Candy Decor Cloth×15 Misc
Giant Lollipop Decor Giant Lollipop Decor Cloth×10 Misc
Deluxe Christmas Lights1 ft Deluxe Christmas Lights Metal Fragments×3 Electrical
Coal :( Coal :( Crude Oil×2Stones×25 Resources
Snow Machine Snow Machine Metal Fragments×63Low Grade Fuel×15Metal Pipe50% Misc
Snowman Snowman Charcoal×25Cloth×10Metal Fragments×10 Items
Reindeer Antlers Reindeer Antlers Cloth×10 Attire
Santa Beard Santa Beard Cloth×5 Attire
Festive Window Garland Festive Window Garland Cloth×13 Items
Christmas Door Wreath Christmas Door Wreath Cloth×10 Items
Decorative Baubels Decorative Baubels Scrap×2Metal Fragments×50 Misc
Decorative Plastic Candy Canes Decorative Plastic Candy Canes Wood×50 Misc
Decorative Gingerbread Men Decorative Gingerbread Men Wood×50 Misc
Tree Lights Tree Lights Scrap×25Metal Fragments×75 Misc
Decorative Pinecones Decorative Pinecones Wood×50 Misc
Star Tree Topper Star Tree Topper Scrap×10Metal Fragments×75 Misc
Decorative Tinsel Decorative Tinsel Scrap×3Wood×50 Misc
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Wood×250Cloth×15 Items
Auto Turret Auto Turret High Quality Metal×5Targeting Computer50%CCTV Camera50% Electrical
Flame Turret Flame Turret High Quality Metal×5Metal PipeEmpty Propane Tank×3Gears×2 Traps
SAM Ammo SAM Ammo Gun Powder×3Metal Pipe8% Ammunition
SAM Site SAM Site High Quality Metal×25 Traps
CCTV Camera CCTV Camera Tech Trash×2High Quality Metal×2 Resources
Empty Can Of Beans Empty Can Of Beans Metal Fragments×10 Resources
Empty Tuna Can Empty Tuna Can Metal Fragments×8 Resources
Explosives Explosives Gun Powder×25Low Grade Fuel×2Sulfur×5Metal Fragments×5 Resources
Gun Powder Gun Powder Charcoal×2Sulfur Resources
Low Grade Fuel Low Grade Fuel Animal Fat38%Cloth13% Resources
Paper Paper Wood×3 Resources
Targeting Computer Targeting Computer Tech Trash×3High Quality MetalMetal Fragments×50 Resources
Binoculars Binoculars High Quality Metal×3Gears50% Tool
Timed Explosive Charge Timed Explosive Charge Explosives×10Cloth×3Tech Trash Tool
RF Transmitter RF Transmitter High Quality Metal×3Tech Trash50% Tool
Flare Flare Gun Powder×5Metal Fragments×5 Tool
Flashlight Flashlight Metal Fragments×15 Tool
Geiger Counter Geiger Counter Metal Fragments×15 Tool
Hose Tool Hose Tool High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Jackhammer Jackhammer Scrap×30Metal Blade×3Metal Pipe50% Tool
Large Medkit Large Medkit Medical SyringeLow Grade Fuel×25 Medical
Paper Map Paper Map Wood×50 Items
Medical Syringe Medical Syringe Cloth×8Metal Fragments×5Low Grade Fuel×5 Medical
RF Pager RF Pager Scrap×5Metal Fragments×13Tech Trash50% Electrical
Building Plan Building Plan Wood×10 Construction
Survey Charge Survey Charge Gun Powder×15Cloth×3Metal Fragments×5Low Grade Fuel×10 Tool
Wire Tool Wire Tool High Quality Metal×3 Electrical
Cockpit Vehicle Module Cockpit Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125High Quality Metal×3Wood×50 Component
Armored Cockpit Vehicle Module Armored Cockpit Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125High Quality Metal×5 Component
Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125High Quality Metal×4Wood×50 Component
Engine Vehicle Module Engine Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125High Quality Metal×3 Component
Flatbed Vehicle Module Flatbed Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125Wood×50High Quality Metal×3 Component
Armored Passenger Vehicle Module Armored Passenger Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×113High Quality Metal×5 Component
Rear Seats Vehicle Module Rear Seats Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125Wood×50High Quality Metal×3 Component
Storage Vehicle Module Storage Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×125Wood×125High Quality Metal×3 Component
Large Flatbed Vehicle Module Large Flatbed Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×200Wood×125High Quality Metal×3 Component
Fuel Tank Vehicle Module Fuel Tank Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×200Wood×50High Quality Metal×3 Component
Passenger Vehicle Module Passenger Vehicle Module Metal Fragments×250Wood×125High Quality Metal×3 Component
16x Zoom Scope 16x Zoom Scope High Quality Metal×40 Weapon
Weapon flashlight Weapon flashlight High Quality Metal×2 Weapon
Holosight Holosight High Quality Metal×6Tech Trash50% Weapon
Weapon Lasersight Weapon Lasersight High Quality Metal×2Tech Trash50% Weapon
Muzzle Boost Muzzle Boost High Quality Metal×5 Weapon
Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake High Quality Metal×4 Weapon
Simple Handmade Sight Simple Handmade Sight High Quality Metal×3 Weapon
Silencer Silencer High Quality Metal×3 Weapon
8x Zoom Scope 8x Zoom Scope High Quality Metal×25 Weapon
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle High Quality Metal×25Wood×100Metal Spring×2Rifle Body50% Weapon
Bandage Bandage Cloth×2 Medical
Beancan Grenade Beancan Grenade Gun Powder×30Metal Fragments×10 Weapon
Bolt Action Rifle Bolt Action Rifle High Quality Metal×10Metal Pipe×2Rifle Body50%Metal Spring50% Weapon
Bone Club Bone Club Bone Fragments×10 Weapon
Bone Knife Bone Knife Bone Fragments×15 Weapon
Hunting Bow Hunting Bow Wood×100Cloth×25 Weapon
Chainsaw Chainsaw High Quality Metal×3GearsMetal Blade×3 Tool
Salvaged Cleaver Salvaged Cleaver Metal Fragments×25Road Signs50% Weapon
Compound Bow Compound Bow Wood×50Metal Fragments×13Rope1 ft Weapon
Crossbow Crossbow Wood×100Metal Fragments×38Rope1 ft Weapon
Double Barrel Shotgun Double Barrel Shotgun Metal Fragments×75Metal Pipe50% Weapon
Eoka Pistol Eoka Pistol Wood×38Metal Fragments×15 Weapon
F1 Grenade F1 Grenade Gun Powder×15Metal Fragments×13 Weapon
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower High Quality Metal×8Metal Pipe×3Low Grade Fuel×50Empty Propane Tank Weapon
Multiple Grenade Launcher Multiple Grenade Launcher High Quality Metal×13Metal Pipe×2 Weapon
Butcher Knife Butcher Knife Metal Fragments×25 Weapon
Pitchfork Pitchfork Wood×150Metal Fragments×50 Weapon
Sickle Sickle Metal Fragments×100 Misc
Hammer Hammer Wood×50 Tool
Hatchet Hatchet Wood×50Metal Fragments×38 Tool
Combat Knife Combat Knife Metal Fragments×13High Quality Metal50% Weapon
L96 Rifle L96 Rifle High Quality Metal×20Metal Pipe×3Metal Spring×3Rifle Body50% Weapon
LR-300 Assault Rifle LR-300 Assault Rifle High Quality Metal×20Metal SpringRifle Body50% Weapon
M249 M249 High Quality Metal×20Metal Spring×3Gears×3Rifle Body50% Weapon
M39 Rifle M39 Rifle Metal Spring×2High Quality Metal×25Rifle Body50% Weapon
M92 Pistol M92 Pistol High Quality Metal×13Semi Automatic Body50%Metal Pipe50%Metal Spring50% Weapon
Mace Mace Wood×50Metal Fragments×25 Weapon
Machete Machete Wood×50Metal Fragments×20 Weapon
MP5A4 MP5A4 High Quality Metal×8Metal SpringSMG Body50% Weapon
Nailgun Nailgun Scrap×10Metal Fragments×38 Weapon
Paddle Paddle Metal Fragments×8Wood×100Metal Blade50% Weapon
Pickaxe Pickaxe Wood×50Metal Fragments×63 Tool
Waterpipe Shotgun Waterpipe Shotgun Wood×100Metal Fragments×50 Weapon
Python Revolver Python Revolver Metal Pipe×2High Quality Metal×5Metal Spring50% Weapon
Revolver Revolver Cloth×13Metal Fragments×63Metal Pipe50% Weapon
Rock Rock Stones×5 Tool
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher High Quality Metal×20Metal Pipe×2 Weapon
Salvaged Axe Salvaged Axe Metal Blade×3Metal Pipe50% Tool
Salvaged Hammer Salvaged Hammer Metal Fragments×25Metal Pipe50% Tool
Salvaged Icepick Salvaged Icepick Metal Blade×3Metal Pipe50% Tool
Satchel Charge Satchel Charge Beancan Grenade×2Small Stash50%Rope50% Tool
Pump Shotgun Pump Shotgun High Quality Metal×8Metal PipeMetal Spring50% Weapon
Semi-Automatic Pistol Semi-Automatic Pistol High Quality Metal×2Semi Automatic Body50%Metal Pipe50% Weapon
Semi-Automatic Rifle Semi-Automatic Rifle Metal Fragments×225High Quality Metal×2Semi Automatic Body50%Metal Spring50% Weapon
Custom SMG Custom SMG High Quality Metal×4SMG Body50%Metal Spring50% Weapon
Spas-12 Shotgun Spas-12 Shotgun High Quality Metal×10Metal Pipe×2Metal Spring×2 Weapon
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet Wood×100Stones×50 Tool
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Wood×100Stones×50 Tool
Stone Spear Stone Spear Stones×50Cloth×3Wooden Spear50% Weapon
Longsword Longsword Metal Blade×2Metal Fragments×50 Weapon
Salvaged Sword Salvaged Sword Metal Fragments×8Metal Blade50% Weapon
Thompson Thompson High Quality Metal×5Wood×50SMG Body50%Metal Spring50% Weapon
Garry's Mod Tool Gun Garry's Mod Tool Gun Wood×50Metal Fragments×10 Tool
Torch Torch Wood×15Cloth50%Low Grade Fuel50% Tool
Water Bucket Water Bucket Metal Fragments×10 Tool
Wooden Spear Wooden Spear Wood×150 Weapon
Roadsign Horse Armor Roadsign Horse Armor Road Signs×2Sewing Kit Attire
Wooden Horse Armor Wooden Horse Armor Rope1 ftWood×150 Attire
Saddle bag Saddle bag Leather×10 Attire
High Quality Horse Shoes High Quality Horse Shoes High Quality Metal×8 Attire
Basic Horse Shoes Basic Horse Shoes Metal Fragments×25 Attire

state enforced diversity[contributor] 320 pts. 2 years ago

Always check the area nearby for campers and close all doors nearby. Try not to sit directly ontop of it and keep an eye on your surroundings as the loud noise will attract bandits.

Recognition 24 pts. year ago

The Recycler prefers to consume multiple units in a slot, rather than one of every item that's in it. So if you have 5 Pipes, don't put one in each slot.

xXxBigCountry 6 pts. year ago

If sitting in the corner behind the recycler at outpost you are unable to be bumped away from it allowing players to take whats in it.

Bacon[contributor] 185 pts. year ago

some items can give more loot from being recycled separately for example: recycling sewing kits separately gives 1 extra rope than when its recycled in a stack, CCTV Cameras and Targeting Computers also give more loot when being recycled separately

TheLoneSniper470 11 pts. year ago

Some items yield more when processed separately

deivymaybe23 1 pts. 2 years ago

i like to work on metal, make my house stronger