A tool used for rotating, repairing, and upgrading parts of structures. It can also be used to pick up certain deployable items.

  1. Craft
  2. Upgrades
  3. Repairs
  4. Recycle
  5. Skins
  6. Tips
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Hammer Blueprint Hammer Blueprint

Known by Default

Wood×100 3–15 sec -
  • Deployables
  • Building Blocks
Object Max Repair Cost
AND Switch AND Switch High Quality Metal×2
Audio Alarm Audio Alarm High Quality Metal×2
Auto Turret Auto Turret High Quality Metal×20
Concrete Barricade Concrete Barricade Stones×100
Metal Barricade Metal Barricade Metal Fragments×95Metal Blade×6
Sandbag Barricade Sandbag Barricade Stones×48Cloth×7
Stone Barricade Stone Barricade Stones×50
Wooden Barricade Wooden Barricade Wood×150
Barbed Wooden Barricade Barbed Wooden Barricade Wood×146Metal Fragments×29
Barbeque Barbeque Metal Fragments×21Wood×49
Snap Trap Snap Trap Metal Fragments×25
Bed Bed Cloth×30Metal Fragments×48Sewing Kit×3
Large Wood Box Large Wood Box Wood×122Metal Fragments×28
Wood Storage Box Wood Storage Box Wood×50
Cursed Cauldron Cursed Cauldron Wood×50
Ceiling Light Ceiling Light Metal Fragments×25
Chair Chair Wood×25Metal Fragments×37
Chinese Lantern Chinese Lantern Cloth×12Low Grade Fuel×2
Chippy Arcade Game Chippy Arcade Game High Quality Metal×4Gears×2
Coffin Coffin Wood×400
Counter Counter High Quality Metal×5
Tool Cupboard Tool Cupboard Wood×500
Sheet Metal Double Door Sheet Metal Double Door Metal Fragments×150
Armored Double Door Armored Double Door High Quality Metal×8Gears×6
Wood Double Door Wood Double Door Wood×300
Sheet Metal Door Sheet Metal Door Metal Fragments×75
Armored Door Armored Door High Quality Metal×7Gears×5
Wooden Door Wooden Door Wood×150
Door Controller Door Controller High Quality Metal×2
Drop Box Drop Box Metal Fragments×100
Flasher Light Flasher Light High Quality Metal×2
Siren Light Siren Light High Quality Metal×2
Blocker Blocker High Quality Metal×2
Electrical Branch Electrical Branch High Quality Metal
Root Combiner Root Combiner High Quality Metal×2
Memory Cell Memory Cell High Quality Metal×2
RAND Switch RAND Switch High Quality Metal×2
Flame Turret Flame Turret High Quality Metal×3Metal Pipe×2Empty Propane Tank×2Gears×2
Floor grill Floor grill Metal Fragments×37
Ladder Hatch Ladder Hatch Metal Fragments×147Gears×4
Fogger-3000 Fogger-3000 Metal Fragments×50Low Grade Fuel×15
Fridge Fridge Metal Fragments×37
Furnace Furnace Stones×98Wood×50Low Grade Fuel×27
Large Furnace Large Furnace Stones×245Wood×288Low Grade Fuel×54
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Stones×1,495Gears×9
High External Wooden Gate High External Wooden Gate Wood×1,494Gears×8
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Wood×740High Quality Metal×19Gears×4Sheet Metal×9
Giant Candy Decor Giant Candy Decor Cloth×15
Giant Lollipop Decor Giant Lollipop Decor Cloth×10
Gravestone Gravestone Wood×200
Wooden Cross Wooden Cross Wood×200
Graveyard Fence Graveyard Fence Stones×125Metal Fragments×38
HBHF Sensor HBHF Sensor High Quality Metal×7
Hitch & Trough Hitch & Trough Wood×375
Wooden Ladder Wooden Ladder Wood×150Rope2 ft
Lantern Lantern Metal Fragments×12Low Grade Fuel×7
Large Rechargable Battery Large Rechargable Battery High Quality Metal×25
Laser Detector Laser Detector High Quality Metal×7
Locker Locker Metal Fragments×50Wood×25
Mail Box Mail Box Wood×47Metal Fragments×15
OR Switch OR Switch High Quality Metal×2
Large Planter Box Large Planter Box Wood×98Tarp×3
Small Planter Box Small Planter Box Wood×50
Pressure Pad Pressure Pad Wood×75
Reactive Target Reactive Target Wood×50Metal Fragments×75
Repair Bench Repair Bench Metal Fragments×62
Research Table Research Table Metal Fragments×100Scrap×38
RF Broadcaster RF Broadcaster High Quality Metal×5
RF Receiver RF Receiver High Quality Metal×4
Rug Bear Skin Rug Bear Skin Leather×50
Rug Rug Cloth×50
Rustigé Egg - Red Rustigé Egg - Red High Quality Metal
Rustigé Egg - Blue Rustigé Egg - Blue High Quality Metal
SAM Site SAM Site High Quality Metal×25
Scarecrow Scarecrow Wood×96Cloth×9
Salvaged Shelves Salvaged Shelves Metal Fragments×25
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Wood×247Metal Fragments×123Gears×3Rope3 ft
Metal horizontal embrasure Metal horizontal embrasure Metal Fragments×50
Metal Vertical embrasure Metal Vertical embrasure Metal Fragments×50
Wood Shutters Wood Shutters Wood×100
Large Banner Hanging Large Banner Hanging Cloth×100Metal Fragments×150
Two Sided Hanging Sign Two Sided Hanging Sign Metal Fragments×75
Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign Metal Fragments×50
Landscape Picture Frame Landscape Picture Frame Wood×74Cloth×25
Portrait Picture Frame Portrait Picture Frame Wood×74Cloth×25
Tall Picture Frame Tall Picture Frame Wood×100Cloth×38
XL Picture Frame XL Picture Frame Wood×148Cloth×51
XXL Picture Frame XXL Picture Frame Wood×249Cloth×101
Large Banner on pole Large Banner on pole Wood×150Metal Fragments×100Cloth×100
Double Sign Post Double Sign Post Wood×112
Single Sign Post Single Sign Post Wood×100
One Sided Town Sign Post One Sided Town Sign Post Wood×250
Two Sided Town Sign Post Two Sided Town Sign Post Wood×246Metal Fragments×29
Huge Wooden Sign Huge Wooden Sign Wood×500
Large Wooden Sign Large Wooden Sign Wood×350
Wooden Sign Wooden Sign Wood×150
Small Wooden Sign Small Wooden Sign Wood×75
Simple Light Simple Light Wood×48Metal Fragments×14
Small Rechargable Battery Small Rechargable Battery High Quality Metal×5
Small Generator Small Generator High Quality Metal×7Gears
Small Candle Set Small Candle Set Animal Fat×10Cloth×2
Snow Machine Snow Machine Metal Fragments×62Low Grade Fuel×15
Snowman Snowman Charcoal×24Cloth×10Metal Fragments×10
Large Solar Panel Large Solar Panel High Quality Metal×12
Splitter Splitter High Quality Metal×5
Spooky Speaker Spooky Speaker Wood×199Metal Fragments×50Cloth×11
Strobe Light Strobe Light Metal Fragments×50High Quality Metal
Survival Fish Trap Survival Fish Trap Wood×99Cloth×3
Switch Switch High Quality Metal×2
Table Table Wood×100Metal Fragments×50
Timer Timer High Quality Metal×2
Tuna Can Lamp Tuna Can Lamp Wood×10Low Grade Fuel×5
Vending Machine Vending Machine High Quality Metal×7Gears×4
High External Stone Wall High External Stone Wall Stones×750
High External Wooden Wall High External Wooden Wall Wood×750
Prison Cell Gate Prison Cell Gate Metal Fragments×100
Prison Cell Wall Prison Cell Wall Metal Fragments×100
Chainlink Fence Gate Chainlink Fence Gate Metal Fragments×37
Chainlink Fence Chainlink Fence Metal Fragments×37
Garage Door Garage Door Metal Fragments×145Gears×6
Netting Netting Free
Shop Front Shop Front Wood×150
Metal Shop Front Metal Shop Front Metal Fragments×125
Metal Window Bars Metal Window Bars Metal Fragments×12
Reinforced Window Bars Reinforced Window Bars High Quality Metal×2
Wooden Window Bars Wooden Window Bars Wood×25
Reinforced Glass Window Reinforced Glass Window Metal Fragments×25
Watch Tower Watch Tower Wood×1,250
Large Water Catcher Large Water Catcher Wood×249Metal Fragments×100Tarp×2
Small Water Catcher Small Water Catcher Wood×50Metal Fragments×25
Water Barrel Water Barrel Wood×125
Water Purifier Water Purifier Metal Fragments×7Cloth×5
Work Bench Level 1 Work Bench Level 1 Wood×244Metal Fragments×53Scrap×28
Work Bench Level 2 Work Bench Level 2 Metal Fragments×248High Quality Metal×14Scrap×248
Work Bench Level 3 Work Bench Level 3 Metal Fragments×498High Quality Metal×58Scrap×619
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Wood×246Cloth×19
XOR Switch XOR Switch High Quality Metal×2
Twig Foundation Wood×50
Wooden Foundation Wood×200
Stone Foundation Stones×300
Metal Foundation Metal Fragments×200
Armored Foundation High Quality Metal×25
Twig Roof Wood×50
Wooden Roof Wood×200
Stone Roof Stones×300
Metal Roof Metal Fragments×200
Armored Roof High Quality Metal×25
Twig Low Wall Wood×25
Wooden Low Wall Wood×100
Stone Low Wall Stones×150
Metal Low Wall Metal Fragments×100
Armored Low Wall High Quality Metal×13
Twig Floor Wood×25
Wooden Floor Wood×100
Stone Floor Stones×150
Metal Floor Metal Fragments×100
Armored Floor High Quality Metal×13
Twig Doorway Wood×35
Wooden Doorway Wood×140
Stone Doorway Stones×210
Metal Doorway Metal Fragments×140
Armored Doorway High Quality Metal×18
Twig Window Wood×35
Wooden Window Wood×140
Stone Window Stones×210
Metal Window Metal Fragments×140
Armored Window High Quality Metal×18
Twig Foundation Steps Wood×25
Wooden Foundation Steps Wood×100
Stone Foundation Steps Stones×150
Metal Foundation Steps Metal Fragments×100
Armored Foundation Steps High Quality Metal×13
Twig Floor Triangle Wood×13
Wooden Floor Triangle Wood×50
Stone Floor Triangle Stones×75
Metal Floor Triangle Metal Fragments×50
Armored Floor Triangle High Quality Metal×7
Twig Triangle Foundation Wood×25
Wooden Triangle Foundation Wood×100
Stone Triangle Foundation Stones×150
Metal Triangle Foundation Metal Fragments×100
Armored Triangle Foundation High Quality Metal×13
Twig Wall Wood×50
Wooden Wall Wood×200
Stone Wall Stones×300
Metal Wall Metal Fragments×200
Armored Wall High Quality Metal×25
Twig U Shaped Stairs Wood×50
Wooden U Shaped Stairs Wood×200
Stone U Shaped Stairs Stones×300
Metal U Shaped Stairs Metal Fragments×200
Armored U Shaped Stairs High Quality Metal×25
Twig Stairs L Shape Wood×50
Wooden Stairs L Shape Wood×200
Stone Stairs L Shape Stones×300
Metal Stairs L Shape Metal Fragments×200
Armored Stairs L Shape High Quality Metal×25
Twig Wall Frame Wood×25
Wooden Wall Frame Wood×100
Stone Wall Frame Stones×150
Metal Wall Frame Metal Fragments×100
Armored Wall Frame High Quality Metal×13
Twig Floor Frame Wood×25
Wooden Floor Frame Wood×100
Stone Floor Frame Stones×150
Metal Floor Frame Metal Fragments×100
Armored Floor Frame High Quality Metal×13
Twig Half Wall Wood×50
Wooden Half Wall Wood×200
Stone Half Wall Stones×300
Metal Half Wall Metal Fragments×200
Armored Half Wall High Quality Metal×25
Recycler Yield
Recycler Hammer>Wood×50

Bruce U. 9 pts. 9 months ago

Used for upgrading / demolishing buildings. You can only demolish buildings for a short while after they were placed, whether or not it had been upgraded after being placed down. This tool does absolutely zero damage, so do not even try hitting enemies or animals with it. (It also has zero durability, so try not to craft a new one every time you want to use it, as you will waste resources.)
Identifier 200773292
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min