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Stones are an abundant and vital resource as they can be earned from any node and have the best cost-to-protection ratio for base building.

  1. Gathered from
  2. Shopping
  3. Collected
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Object Jackhammer Pickaxe Salvaged Icepick Stone Pickaxe Salvaged Hammer Bone Club Rock
Stone Ore Node 1,000 1,000 1,000 794 536 450 375
Location Order
Outpost Vending Machine: «Resource Exchange» Scrap×50>Stones×1,000
Outpost Vending Machine: «Resource Exchange» Wood×500>Stones×150
Outpost Vending Machine: «Resource Exchange» Stones×150>Wood×500
Object Resources
Scattered Stone Rock Stones×50
Item Category Amount Fail Chance
Handmade Shell Handmade Shell Ammunition 2 -
High Velocity Arrow High Velocity Arrow Ammunition 4 -
Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow Ammunition 3 -
Concrete Barricade Concrete Barricade Construction 100 -
Sandbag Barricade Sandbag Barricade Construction 50 -
Stone Barricade Stone Barricade Construction 50 -
Coal :( Coal :( Resources 25 -
Stone Fireplace Stone Fireplace Items 250 -
Furnace Furnace Items 100 -
Large Furnace Large Furnace Items 250 -
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Construction 1500 -
Graveyard Fence Graveyard Fence Misc 125 -
Rock Rock Tool 5 -
Stone Spear Stone Spear Weapon 50 -
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Tool 50 -
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet Tool 50 -
High External Stone Wall High External Stone Wall Construction 750 -
Quarry Amount per hour Fuel
Mining Quarry Mining Quarry 9,000 Low Grade Fuel×360
Item Ingredients Category for 1 pc.
Handmade Shell Handmade Shell Stones×5Gun Powder×5 Ammunition 2.5
High Velocity Arrow High Velocity Arrow Wood×40Stones×15 Ammunition 7.5
Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow Wood×25Stones×10 Ammunition 5
Concrete Barricade Concrete Barricade Stones×200 Construction 200
Sandbag Barricade Sandbag Barricade Stones×100Cloth×10 Construction 100
Stone Barricade Stone Barricade Stones×100 Construction 100
Stone Fireplace Stone Fireplace Stones×500Wood×200 Items 500
Furnace Furnace Stones×200Wood×100Low Grade Fuel×50 Items 200
Large Furnace Large Furnace Stones×500Wood×600Low Grade Fuel×75 Items 500
High External Stone Gate High External Stone Gate Stones×3,000Gears×10 Construction 3000
Graveyard Fence Graveyard Fence Stones×250Metal Fragments×75 Misc 250
Rock Rock Stones×10 Tool 10
Stone Spear Stone Spear Wooden SpearStones×100Cloth×5 Weapon 100
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Wood×200Stones×100 Tool 100
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet Wood×200Stones×100 Tool 100
High External Stone Wall High External Stone Wall Stones×1,500 Construction 1500
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In-game category Resources
Stack size ×1,000
Despawn time 5 min.