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Mining Quarry

A low grade fuel powered machine used to automatically gather stone and ore. Can be placed on most terrain, provided the desired spot is flat enough. Note: A survey charge must be used on the ground in order for the mining quarry to be placed. The ore thrown into the air by the survey charge determines what the Mining Quarry will produce.

Mining Quarry
  1. Yields
  2. Tips
Type Resources per Hour Fuel
Stone Quarry Stones×9,000Metal Ore×1,350 Low Grade Fuel×360
Sulfur Quarry Sulfur Ore×1,350 Low Grade Fuel×360
HQM Quarry High Quality Metal Ore×90 Low Grade Fuel×360

♥ Kолτ500 want Trading card 6 pts. 4 months ago

You cant craft Mining Quarry anymore. So i dont know why are Survey charges still ingame
Category ConstructionConstruction
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min