Metal Ore

Metal ore can be smelted into metal fragments through a furnace which is used to craft most of the tools, structures, items and weaponry throughout the game and is vital to have during most of the time being.

Metal Ore
  1. Gathered from
  2. Collected
  3. Extracted by
  4. Smelting
  5. Tips
Object Salvaged Icepick Jackhammer Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Salvaged Hammer Bone Club Rock
Metal Ore Node 600 600 600 485 358 286 250
Object Resources
Scattered Metal Rock Metal Ore×50
Quarry Amount per Hour Fuel
Mining Quarry Mining Quarry 1,350 Low Grade Fuel×360
Furnace Process
Large Furnace Large Furnace Metal OreWoodfuel×5>Metal Fragments
Furnace Furnace Metal OreWoodfuel×5>Metal Fragments

[CHA] Chorus[contributor] 99 pts. 3 years ago

In a furnace, one metal ore takes 8 seconds to smelt into a metal fragment.
Identifier -4031221
Stack Size ×1,000
Despawn time 5 min