Diesel Fuel

Appropriate fuel for the Giant Excavator Pit monument, can be found in the Dome, Junkyard, Small/Large Oil Rig or purchased with 300 Low Grade Fuel in Outpost.

Diesel Fuel
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Shop name For Sale Cost
Resource Exchange Diesel Fuel Low Grade Fuel×300
Object Resources
Diesel Barrel Diesel Fuel
Object Consumption per Hour
Giant Excavator Diesel Fuel×30

Orsina[contributor] 144 pts. 9 months ago

I suggest picking up barrels throughout your travels in monuments like the junkyard, the dome and the oil rigs. Once you have 4-5 of these go to the pit clear it carefully there is a bit of radiation that is countered by 10% protection (your armor once you have barrels will have that much) What you have to worry about are the scientists Once you clear it make your way to the control room, fuel the machine choose your resource and start it up . The exact numbers are Stone - 5,000 Metal - 2,000 Sulfur - 750 HQM - 40 per barrel I suggest having a trip with 3 people, 1 in the control room and one in each of the two giant pits the resources fall in, on opposite parts of the monument the radiation should keep off nakeds other players will come and fight for the resources that are mined
P.S when the rubble falls in the collection tips it deals damage
Identifier 1568388703
Stack Size ×20
Despawn time 5 min