Along with The Team System Update, the Jackhammer was the competitor, tool wise, to the chainsaw. It can be found in tool crates or sunken crates. It does not need fuel, and can be repaired at a repair bench or replenished at a workbench for no cost.

Damage 15
Attack Speed 400 HPM
Range 2 m
Draw 1 sec
Throw No
  1. Loot
  2. Shopping
  3. Missions
  4. Repair
  5. Recycle
  6. Gather
  7. Damage
  8. Skins
  9. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Tool Box 100 % 1 1 %
Sunken Crate 100 % 1 1 %
Underwater Lab Tool Box 100 % 1 1 %
Supply Drop 100 % 1 14 %
Shop name For Sale Cost
Tools & Stuff Jackhammer Scrap×150
NPC Mission Description Target Reward
Dive Master Shark Hunt Kill the sharks threatening divers near the island. - JackhammerMedical Syringe×3Scrap×25
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality MetalMetal Fragments×30 20% No
Recycler Yield
Recycler Jackhammer>Scrap×30Metal Blade×3Metal Pipe50%
Attack Damage DPS Headshot Spread Velocity
Melee 15 100 ×2 - -
Toy Jackhammer

Toy Jackhammer...

Carrot Jackhammer

Carrot Jackhammer...

Jackhammer from Hell

Jackhammer from Hell...

Nutcracker Jackhammer

Nutcracker Jackhammer...

Twitch Rivals Jackhammer

Twitch Rivals Jackhammer...

Comics Jackhammer

Comics Jackhammer...

Ghost Catcher Jackhammer

Ghost Catcher Jackhammer...

Azul Jackhammer

Azul Jackhammer...

Doodle Jackhammer

Doodle Jackhammer...

Love Injector

Love Injector...

hJune Jackhammer

hJune Jackhammer...

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큰 페니스 71 pts. 5 years ago

Be cautious of how you aim the tool. If after mining a node and you're aiming towards the ground, the few times you hit the ground it will take a decent chuck of durability with it.

Finite[contributor] 118 pts. 5 years ago

If you tap hit a node it will continuously proc the sparkle, saving durability compared to holding.

TheOOFer 26 pts. 5 years ago

Can be "Refilled" when in distance of any workbench. (Level 1, 2, or 3) Go into your inventory and click on the jackhammer, and above the "drop" button, click refill. It does not cost anything. Can also be repaired at a repair bench, however it costs materials.

bashmynuts[contributor] 120 pts. 11 months ago

an update has made it so that holding left click on a node will always hit the sparkle making tapmining unneeded

PhysiQQ 112 pts. 4 years ago*

Useful tool to quickly get rid of a Stone Wall in your base (soft side), either to expand or to change the layout. It will damage the Jackhammer quite severely though.

Phyz 31 pts. 4 years ago

You can buy a Jackhammer at Outpost(Safe Zone), for 150 Scrap.

BringJoy2Everyone 12 pts. 3 years ago

1) If you just hold on left mouse button while farming a node, you will collect about 76 nodes before Jackhammer breaks 2) If you click periodically with jackhammer (two hits on node per click) you will farm 130 nodes before jackhammer breaks 3) If you click periodically and turn jackhammer away right after click (so it only does one hit per mouse click) you will farm 185 ore nodes before jackhammer breaks. P.S. Method 3 is also the fastest. Method 1 is the slowest.

Dr Sillycybin 16 pts. 5 years ago

Refill (Workbench - free) the jack hammer rather than repair (Repair Bench - mats). The refill doesn't damage the jackhammer as much as repair does. Refill will make the tool last longer. :3

PUR3ICE 253 pts. 5 years ago

1)You can raid softside stonewalls with these very easily.
2)If you have acces to an enemy workbench, you can raid floors on the enemy base.
4) Looks funny and is deeply satisfying when you hit a corpse with it.
Identifier 1488979457
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 40 min