A common, docile animal found in most biomes, stags are a source of natural resources available for harvesting once they are dead. Stags are fast and agile, thus proving a challenge for freshly spawned players with poor tools or weapons. If their escape is cut off, they may turn and fight with their antlers.

HP 150
  1. Skinning
  2. Tips

[BRRR] Aluminumnum[contributor] 204 pts. 2 years ago

Quick and agile, i would recommend using a weapon with range. These will flee as soon as they spot you, though, they will attack if they have nowhere to flee and feels threatened.

Rekeshi 607 pts. 9 months ago*

Don't generally bother with these, they dont give much useful resources. Stick to Bears, boars and wolves.

Aron![contributor] 10 pts. 7 months ago

A curious thing about deer meat is that it doesn't burn if you cook it too long.