The Rock is practically the mascot of Rust. As both a weapon and tool, every player starting with one must use it to initially collect resources and protect themselves from the environment before upgrading to superior utensils. The Rock, if broken, is very cheap to craft, costing only a few stones. It is unarguably the least efficient tool and weapon in the game. With its low gather rates and slow speed, most players will desire to immediately upgrade to at least stone tools once they have acquired enough resources.

Damage 10
Attack Speed 46 HPM
Range 1.25 m
Draw 1 sec
Throw Yes
  1. Craft
  2. Recycle
  3. Gather
  4. Damage
  5. Skins
  6. Tips
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Rock Blueprint Rock Blueprint

Known by Default

Stones×10 1–5 sec -
Recycler Yield
Recycler Rock>Stones×5
Object Resources Time Condition Loss
Patrol Helicopter Charcoal×398Metal Fragments×750High Quality Metal×35 12 min 50 sec Rock×2
Stag Animal Fat×5Cloth×13Leather×25Raw Deer Meat×2Bone Fragments×25 10 sec -
Chicken Raw Chicken BreastCloth×3Bone Fragments×6 7 sec -
Boar Animal Fat×20Cloth×5Raw Pork×4Leather×10Bone Fragments×25 10 sec -
Swamp Tree Wood×150 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Small Beech Wood×250 20–32 sec 9 %
Birch Wood×376 38 sec – 1 min 23 sec 22 %
Old Beech Wood×500 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Small Palm Wood×300 26–49 sec 13 %
Small Oak Wood×250 20–32 sec 9 %
Small Douglas Fir Wood×250 20–32 sec 9 %
Small Pine Wood×250 20–32 sec 9 %
Log Wood×125 16 sec 5 %
Driftwood Wood×125 16 sec 5 %
Tall Palm Wood×450 32–58 sec 16 %
Short Palm Wood×276 23–37 sec 10 %
Palm Wood×376 29–50 sec 14 %
Short Cactus Cloth60%Cactus Flesh50% 2 sec 1 %
Tall Cactus Cloth60%Cactus Flesh60% 2 sec 1 %
Cactus Cloth60%Cactus Flesh60% 2 sec 1 %
Snow Douglas Fir Wood×500 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Pine Wood×376 29–50 sec 14 %
Douglas Fir Wood×500 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Stone Ore Node Stones×375 24 sec – 1 min 10 sec 19 %
Sulfur Ore Node Sulfur Ore×100 24 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Metal Ore Node Metal Ore×250 24 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Wolf Animal Fat×5Cloth×18Raw Wolf Meat×3Leather×38Bone Fragments×20Wolf Skull50% 16 sec -
Bear Raw Bear Meat×10Animal Fat×50Cloth×25Leather×50Bone Fragments×75 11 sec -
Oak Wood×376 29–50 sec 14 %
Bare Oak Wood×500 36 sec – 1 min 4 sec 17 %
Beech Wood×376 29–50 sec 14 %
Horse Raw Horse Meat×3Animal Fat×5Cloth×13Leather×25Bone Fragments×25 11 sec -
Bradley APC Charcoal×436Metal Fragments×825High Quality Metal×39 14 min 8 sec Rock×3
Tunnel Dweller Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Oil Rig Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Outpost Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Bandit Camp Guard Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Military Tunnel Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Newman Raw Human Meat×3Animal Fat×1-11Human Skull50%Bone Fragments×5 13 sec -
Roaming Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Heavy Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Scrap Transport Helicopter Charcoal×1,848Metal Fragments×3,499 19 min 27 sec – 58 min 6 sec Rock×9
Cargo Ship Scientist Cloth×3Bone Fragments×15 9 sec -
Attack Damage DPS Headshot Spread Velocity
Melee 10 8 ×2 - -
Throw 10 - ×1.5 1 18

PUR3ICE 174 pts. 2 years ago

Its fine to keep one, if you wish to harvest stone, metal or sulfur ore in the early game. When you pair it with a stone axe.
Smashing nakeds on the beach is fun for a while and gives you bones, if you want to upgrade to a bone club.

N3xT[contributor] 296 pts. year ago

Always carry a rock with you no matter what you set out to do, because it's a "starting point" for a lot of supplies that you may otherwise have no way of getting. It is also used to "snowball" into superior tools when a sudden need to farm something more efficiently arises.
Examples of emergencies: * You run out of arrows, and you have wood in your inventory (or spot a nearby tree), but no stones, so you cannot craft extra arrows quickly. There is virtually no way to get the job done, unless you find something like stones lying on the ground (as 'meshes' of 50 stones spawn in the open world) and craft a new rock or use that for a really low amount of extra arrows.
* You have no farming tools, find a decaying base that you want to seal off, you'll need a TC and for that you will need wood. You cannot just go outside and find a way to turn the plenty of trees around into wood.
* You get to a loot-rich environment, e.g barrels, and you don't have an alternative item to break them with, or not enough arrows to gradually lose on that process (as 1 will always be stuck in the barrel).
* You need to destroy something that you encounter, which may provide you with some loot (e.g a locked box found in a decaying base), now you'll potentially miss out on this chance if you aren't carrying a gun or other melee weapon.
* You are dying from cold due to falling into the water at night, to save your life you'll want to make a campfire. But you don't have wood for a campfire, and you cannot farm a little wood in order to craft the campfire, because you have no rock or farming tool. You will die, and before you can get back, somebody loots you.
As you can see, a lot of disaster can easily be prevented by simply carrying a rock at all times, just in case!
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Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min