A quick and medium damaging melee weapon. Swings fast and hits hard, useful for one last quick hit when in a close range battle and out of ammo.

Damage 35
Attack Speed 60 HPM
Range 1.5 m
Draw 1 sec
Throw Yes
  1. Craft
  2. Repair
  3. Recycle
  4. Gather
  5. Damage
  6. Tips
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Machete Blueprint Machete Blueprint

Known by Default

Wood×100Metal Fragments×40 7–30 sec -
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench Wood×20Metal Fragments×8 20% No
Recycler Yield
Recycler Machete>Wood×50Metal Fragments×20
Attack Damage DPS Headshot Spread Velocity
Melee 35 35 ×2 - -
Throw 20 - ×1.5 1 20

Tintinico[contributor] 89 pts. 5 months ago

Not much to say about it. A pretty basic melee weapon. I recommend using it for barrel farm.

zukey[contributor] 1,190 pts. 3 years ago

Occasionally drops from barrels and has no component requirements. This is a great melee weapon strictly for barrels however it is less durable compared to the others.
Identifier -1137865085
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min