Eoka Pistol

The Eoka Pistol is a very cheap, very ineffective, and very unreliable firearm. It fires shotgun ammunition in a wide arc, and is capable of killing opponents in one hit (however unlikely that is). The Eoka pistol consists of a spent 20mm cartridge with a small hole on top attached to a crude wooden frame. A shotgun shell is loaded into the 20mm shell, and a stone is scraped across the hole on top to produce a spark to fire the weapon.

Damage 180
Rate of Fire 30 RPM
Aim Cone
Capacity 1
Reload 2 sec
Draw 0.5 sec
Eoka Pistol
  1. Craft
  2. Repair
  3. Recycle
  4. Damage
  5. Skins
  6. Tips
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Eoka Pistol Blueprint Eoka Pistol Blueprint

Known by Default

Wood×75Metal Fragments×30 7–30 sec -
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench Wood×15Metal Fragments×6 20% No
Recycler Yield
Recycler Eoka Pistol>Wood×38Metal Fragments×15
Ammunition Damage DPS Headshot Aim Cone Velocity
Handmade Shell Handmade Shell 180 90 ×1.25 14° 100
12 Gauge Buckshot 12 Gauge Buckshot 210 105 ×1.25 14° 225
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell 150 75 ×1 14° 100
12 Gauge Slug 12 Gauge Slug 80 40 ×2 225
Firecracker Eoka

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Sequisha's Hot Dog Eoka

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Flare Eoka

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Last Blast

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Gurkha Eoka

Gurkha Eoka...

Japanese Tanegashima

Japanese Tanegashima...

Nordic Relic

Nordic Relic...

Birch Eoka

Birch Eoka...

Primal Gun

Primal Gun...

Banana Eoka

Banana Eoka...



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bonely snek rustypot.com[contributor] 169 pts. 3 years ago

The eoka pistol can be used to raid bases with wooden doors. This method of raiding requires no blueprints and is cheap, but it is also draws a lot of attention as it is noisy.

[WLB] FlyingSquid262 50 pts. 2 years ago

The Eoka Pistol combined with 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell can prove to be extremely useful when destroying wooden doors.

ZuccΛ 174 pts. 2 years ago

You can also destroy wooden walls/ceilings/foundations with eok! Tt's a really noisy method but don't need any blueprint for it!

Kanye Middle East[contributor] 174 pts. 2 years ago

In combat, this thing can be really annoying but at the same time may pay off greatly. This is also a very early raiding weapon as it does a considerable amount of damage to wooden structures

N3xT[contributor] 301 pts. year ago

Best used to make plays with; sneak up to a geared guy, eoka him really close up and take his gearset to snowball further.
Easier said than done, though.
Note: unlike other "real" guns in Rust, you'll have to HOLD the fire (lmb) button rather than press it, and wait until a shell comes out.
Btw, never trust a naked running around; he might just pull out an eoka on you, or be crafting one and ready to wipe you out from close.
Eoka's can instakill anyone, even with full metal armor, when close enough and correctly aimed. One of its main problems is the unpredictable shot timing (when you start hitting the stone for a spark), it can fire anywhere from within 0.5 seconds of holding the trigger, to as long as 3 seconds. So if you're facing someone, he might kill you (or get on a distance from you not to be instakilled, and shoot you) before you're able to discharge the eoka round. Therefore, it's also not a good weapon to doorcamp with.
Note: if you approach from behind.. skilled players will jump right away once they hear the spark stone's sound. Your luck is in the random speed of discharge.

N3xT[contributor] 301 pts. year ago

Protip: craft multiple Eoka pistols, if you don't have a workbench (or base) to make more shells.
Every time you craft one, it will come with 1 shell by default; you can either unload all of them, but you better just keep multiple Eoka pistols in your weapons hotbar so you can quickly swap to another one and fire again after shooting at someone with the first one, then without reloading. Most attempts to "make a play" fail due to not succeeding to deal enough damage with a single shot, not being close enough, or missing with the shabby projectiles, therefore the lengthy reload time (or absence of another shell) is probably what'll kill you and fail the entire attempt. So, be prepated to tie an end to your attempt to make a play, with multiple eoka's (at least 2)!

Jive Cracker[contributor] 107 pts. 2 years ago

The eoka is a really underrated weapon. Its crap compared to others but you can acquire it for only 35 metal and deal alot of damage to enemies. Don't spread this too much or the devs might decide to patch it, but when you craft an eoka it is already loaded. This means you can make many, unload all but one, then recycle the rest to get more metal (ez 180 damage gun within 5 mins of spawning). BTW you can use the eoka to destroy wood walls/doors in 3 minutes loudly or use machetes to destroy them in 7 minutes quietly.
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