Fire Arrow

Low-velocity high-damage equivalent to the wooden arrows. Emits a fiery area of effect near its point of impact which will damage and slow anyone in its radius. In combat this can deny both a push and a retreat. As a raid tool it's faster and quieter than the eoka. Unlike the flamethrower, the fire it spreads won't damage structures. In-game description is currently wrong as the fire arrow is ignited by default.

Fire Arrow
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Sunken Crate - 3–5 2 %
Tool Box - 3–5 5 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Fire Arrow Blueprint×2 Fire Arrow Blueprint Wood×20Cloth×2Low Grade Fuel×10 0.75–3 sec Work Bench Level 1
Low Grade Fuel Blueprint×4 Low Grade Fuel Blueprint

Known by Default

Animal Fat×3Cloth 1–5 sec -
Workbench Experiment Cost
Work Bench Level 1 Work Bench Level 1 Scrap×75>Fire Arrow Blueprint
Research Table Researching
Research Table Research Table Fire ArrowScrap×20>Fire Arrow Blueprint
Recycler Yield
Recycler Fire Arrow>Wood×5Low Grade Fuel×3Cloth50%

56 y/o virgin 91 pts. year ago

This arrow makes more dmg than the normal one (this si the strongest).

Nodus[contributor] 236 pts. year ago

The fire arrow is quite useful for taking out basic to average equipped enemies, even if the player misses the shot, it has a little bit of an explosion damage range and can ignite fires useful for burning down wooden doors and structures.

Mentally Advanced 6 pts. 9 months ago

This arrow is great when attacking enemies with metal armor. 2 headshots (50 dmg) will take down any geared person with a metal facemask, and 3 shots (33~34 dmg) if they are using the heaviest face protection.

eddie 11 pts. 11 months ago

good for destroying locked tool cupboards. around 10 arrows should be fine
Identifier 14241751
Stack Size ×64
Despawn time 5 min