In Rust, rockets are the ammunition for rocket launchers, which fire aoe damage that can hit up to 4 walls at once. This type of ammunition is particularly effective against buildings.

In terms of trajectory, rockets are launched forward with a considerable speed upon firing. However, the trajectory eventually falls off due to the in-game gravity effect.

In fact, the rockets is currently the best tool for raiding and building destruction. Rockets are also deadly against humans due to its high damage rates and aoe range.


  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Ammo for
  4. Recycle for
Container Condition Amount Chance
Helicopter Crate - 3 16 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time
Rocket Rocket Metal Pipe×2Gun Powder×150Explosives×10 10 sec.
Gun Powder×10 Gun Powder Charcoal×30Sulfur×20 2 sec.
Explosives Explosives Gun Powder×50Low Grade Fuel×3Sulfur×10Metal Fragments×10 5 sec.
Low Grade Fuel×4 Low Grade Fuel Animal Fat×3Cloth 5 sec.
Recycler Yield
Recycler Rocket>Metal PipeGun Powder×75Explosives×5
Damage 350
Explosion Radius 3.8 m
Minimum Delay 8 sec.
Maximum Delay 10 sec.
In-game category AmmunitionAmmunition
Stack size ×3
Despawn time 20 min.