Binoculars are a cost-efficient way to spy on your unaware neighbors, or get a clear view of the surrounding land. They provide three levels of magnification (changed with the left mouse button), including one level far stronger than the zoom of a 4x scope. Cheap, easy to use, and can be a lifesaver if combined with a smart and careful player.

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Container Condition Amount Chance
Crate - 1 1 %
Tool Crate - 1 8 %
Mine Crate - 1 3 %
Minecart - 1 3 %
Elite Crate - 1 0.4 %
Workbench Experiment Cost
Work Bench Level 1 Work Bench Level 1 Scrap×75>Binoculars Blueprint
Recycler Yield
Recycler Binoculars>High Quality Metal×3Gears50%
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In-game category ToolTool
Stack size ×1
Despawn time 20 min.