Military Flame Thrower

A Military grade flamethrower. Uses low grade fuel as ammunition.

Damage 13.5
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Capacity 150
Reload 3.5 sec
Draw 1.1 sec
Military Flame Thrower
  1. Loot
  2. Repair
  3. Recycling
  4. Damage
  5. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Heavy Scientist With Flamethrower 100 % 1 20 %
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality Metal×11Low Grade Fuel×20Metal Fragments×80 20% No
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler High Quality Metal×14Metal Pipe×4Low Grade Fuel×40Empty Propane Tank×2 40 %
Recycler High Quality Metal×21Metal Pipe×5Low Grade Fuel×60Empty Propane Tank×3 60 %
Ammunition Damage DPS
Low Grade Fuel Low Grade Fuel 13.5 90

D1 Door Camper 17 pts. month ago

DPS is a bit misleading and is in reality incredibly high, best used as a raid defense tool.

javorcio[contributor] 384 pts. 16 days ago

Deals 13.5 damage per attack instance no matter what armors target wears (heavy plate armor/naked no difference).

rust 75 pts. 13 days ago

No clothing in the game protects from fire!! Paired with its AOE damage this thing is deadly in the hands of a heavy scientist.

HeoNui 21 pts. month ago

best for destroy lock box
Identifier 703057617
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 40 min